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Veterinary Technician Exam Prep is Dynamic Path’s focused VNTE study app. This module contains a targeted curriculum of 400 simulated exam questions that deal with the successful knowledge required of the successful entry-level veterinary technician.

Each question is paired with a clear and insightful explanation, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material.

On a basic level, the VTNE Exam identifies and assesses whether a prospective veterinary technician has the competency and skills to practice successful and to be credentialed. Additionally, the exam identified a working knowledge of patient care, medication dispensation, assessing illness and injuries, and general veterinary assisting.

By assessing learned knowledge in practical questions and providing reinforcing explanations, Dynamic Path’s VTNE Exam Prep will help to successfully bridge the gap between your education and practical patient application.

The intuitive Study Mode interface allows you to track your progress through the application and return to difficult questions during your review. Test mode allows you to take the course as a sample VTNE Exam and quickly review the questions and areas in which you may need extra help.

Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the AAVSB.


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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by vettechstudent12345567

So far So good! - so far so good! However, I think maybe the answers should be double-checked. It marked one of my anseres wrong when it was right, then told me the right answer was the same as my wrong answer… Animal Care #19

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.3
Review by HeelingPaws

Great App…BUT... - I love this app…but some questions need to be double checked because the correct answer is marked letter and the explanation are not matching up. So, if you pick the right answer, it actually is marked wrong and other have incorrect information. The ones i have found so far... 1. Animal Care #120 (marked as B when explanation matches C) 2. Animal Care #68 (marked as C when explanation matches B) 3. Imaging #3 (makred as C when explanation matches A) 4. Lab Procedures #16…the correct answer should be B - 40X, which came up as wrong. This is the explanation. "Answer: C - WBC differentials should be counted when viewing the blood smear at 100X. A drop of immersion oil is required to view the slide at this power.” The only thing that is done on 100x for a CBC is cytoplasmic analysis of WBC (whether they are toxic/reactive), morphology of RBCs and platelet estimate/morphology. Please correct this wrong information. 5. Animal Care #19 (marked as B when explanantion matches C) 6. Surgical #79 (marked as C when explanation matches D) 7. Pharmology #74 While bradycardia is commonly seen with THP ingestion, there are three tell all c/s that are seen immediately of presentation. Hyperexictability, dibbling urine and ataxia. this app is fantastic, but these mistakes need to be ironed out…escpecially since this app does cost money

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people