Developer: Tomoyuki Okawa

Current Version: 1.3.5

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Document version history.

Submitting a new Mac application to a popular software tracking website (, MacUpdate, Softpedia...) sounds easy. It maybe is if you assume that nothing goes wrong on their side. The fact is that you can end up getting redirected to an empty page because of their website's server error. Sometimes, your web browser can quit itself all of a sudden, losing all the progress you've made. Sometimes, their website is inaccessible when you want to submit a new software update. On the other hand, one common mistake that you can make on your side is to give them a URL as a file location that does not exist. Anyhow, you'd better keep an eye to their website's software list for the next several hours because, whatever the reason is, there is no guarantee that they will list your software submission. Well, the best you can do is to make sure that the file path is correct. And... Wait, when did you submit your software update?

VersionsX is a software title that is designed to help developers document version history for any number of software titles. Every time you create a new software version profile, VersionsX can access the given URL constantly to see if the software file you designate is accessible. Don't worry about tagging each line with <li> when you write software changes because VersionX can do it when you generate a software update summary.


Release Notes:

- The user can drag and drop an application (icon) directly onto that of VersionsX. If it's an existing application, then VersionsX will automatically sets the application drop-down menu accordingly. If it's a new application, then VersionsX will get ready to register a new application.
- The application will check the available resolution of the computer used by the user. If it doesn't meet the minimum resolution set by the application, a confirmation dialog will appear.
- The user has an option of letting the Info window follow the main window. See Preferences. Enable the checkbox labeled Follow by Info to let the Info window follow the main window.
- If the user has not set the default web browser, clicking on the Show button on the main window will prompt a message.
- Several other changes and fixes are made.