Vehicle Energy Use Simulator

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Vehicle Energy Use Simulator

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The Vehicle Energy Use Simulator or VEUS for short, is a Desktop Vehicle Simulator* designed for the everyday vehicle user that wants or needs to know what kinds of effect any of the following variables may have upon their vehicle’s efficiency or fuel mileage.

•Aerodynamics (Cd or Drag Coefficient)
•Ambient Temperatures
•Vehicle Speeds
•Air Conditioning
•Tire Rolling Resistance
•Different Kinds of Road Surfaces
•Fuel Types
•Engine Types
•Barometric Pressure
•Frontal Area
•Exterior Cargo
•Tank to Wheel Efficiency
•Curb Weight
•Tire Pressure
•Electric Hybrid Assist
•Full Electric Motive Systems
•Alternative Fuel Systems
•And More

Aerodynamicists, via the use of wind tunnels, have become pretty adept at understanding the effects of drag coefficients and frontal areas upon vehicles.
What has been rather lacking in the industry has been a proper system to reliably predict the effect of winds upon vehicle efficiency and understandably so as it is an extremely complex study.

This program is unique in that it exclusively employs algorithms that have been developed over many years of research via vehicles fitted with anemometers, specialized sensors, wind streamers, custom built microprocessor instrumentation, portable computers, custom coded programs, video equipment and dataloggers. This program is the only one to implement the following algorithms:

•wcCd – Wind Corrected Drag Coefficient Adjustments
•wcFA - Wind Corrected Frontal Area Adjustments
•xcCd - Exterior Cargo Drag Coefficient Adjustments
•xcFA – Exterior Cargo Frontal Area Adjustments

As you begin using this simulator, with its exclusive capabilities, you will be able to determine that it could have easily demanded substantially more than $9.99 but the authors have another purpose in mind and the Mac Apple Store is just the right place to put that purpose in motion and test to see if they are thinking correctly. We will clue you in on that thinking later on as the versions and capabilities of this simulator progress.

You may have noticed in the Apple Store Screenshots below that this program is absolutely loaded with ‘Info’ Buttons, Assist Screens and tons of controls and we cannot show them all in only 5 screenshots. Behind those Info Buttons are pages and pages of layman-level explanations and practical ways to implement, understand and make use of the very many controls in this simulator. Anyone that uses the Info Buttons and “plays” with the simulator enough will literally gain an engineering level understanding of many things considered esoteric to a very large part of our population and that education will be in a field that almost everyone has some dependency upon… Automotive Vehicles!

*Note: Program screen-size is 1300 X 710 pixels. It has been tested on 1280 pixel width MacBooks and functions flawlessly. Most 1280 pixel screen users do not even notice that 20 pixels of the extreme right side of the program's brown colored frame are hidden.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.13
Review by 3ricD

Absolutely Amazing - More work than you can possibly imagine went into the development of this application. Countless hours of data collection to be as detailed as this is. You will not regret your purchase. If you are trying to be as green as possible this Application is a must have!

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Version 1.0.13
Review by Andy Spitzer

Nice attention to detail - I've been looking for something like this. Nicely done. --Woof!

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Version 1.0.13
Review by $cottG

Awesome Detail - This application has awesome detail and shows you everything you ever wanted to know about what affects your MPG. If you want to know what your fuel costs are going to be for your next road trip or how much your daily commute is costing you, then I would highly recommend this application. Just a guess but, I would imagine that if you are an entrepreneur working on vehicle efficiency, then this application is a must have tool.

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