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Intimate knowledge of your own abilities and strong points gives you a great power to take favorable decisions and to look ahead with confidence.
The Numerological Calculator reveals the secret meaning of numbers concealed in your date of birth and name, provides valuable information about people.
Things never happen by chance. Have you ever watched a movie «The Butterfly Effect» or read about the amazing scientific theory of the same name? If so, you certainly understand the idea. All things, people and events are related.
Even natural creations depend on objective mathematical laws. Here are some interesting facts, which can be proved by searching relevant articles in Wikipedia. For example, sunflower seeds produce a pattern of logarithmic spirals, because each floret is oriented toward the next by approximately the golden angle. An equation called «Archimedean spiral» exactly describes the shape of a snail's shell. Some shapes of leaves and a distance between tree branches straightly depend on the famous Fibonacci numbers. When you see the regularity, everything is predictable!
Knowledge is power. When you know yourself, you face fewer difficulties while choosing a right life path and the odds are in your favor.

Why do I need the Numerological Calculator?
What functions are available?
This software unites several numerological systems in order to calculate significant numbers accurately and give you a whole knowledge about their meaning and role in your life. Calculator analyzes your date of birth, name and other data.

The Numerological Calculator helps you to:
- Get full numerological reports in a moment (for you or your familiars, pets).
- Build a psychomatrix and review your weak and strong points objectively: personality, luck, talents, health level and other.
- Estimate love compatibility using 20 initial parameters.
- Build visual charts, save and print them.
- Find celebrities, whose numerological indexes match yours.
- Analyze custom names (child, pet, business-product or company).


Release Notes:

- Improved interpretations;
- Better report style;
- User interface improvements and bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.3.8
Review by mehall7

Absolutley Right on Target - Very sophisticated and informative details within minutes. I love to play around with numerolgy but it takes me hours to do what this app can do in seconds. I know it is pricy but I feel it is worth it as there is so much in detail and very accuarate. If you love numerology then for sure get this app. This is not a game it is more of a hobby. It has more information that I thought I would get so I am pleased with my purchase.

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