VIPorbit - Contact Manager

Developer: VIPorbit Software

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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VIPorbit Contact Manager includes a full-featured calendar, customizable contact database, integrated task list and so much more.

“I love the VIPorbit app. I think it’s a superior way to manage my contacts, calendar, and communications,” said Tony Bradley, Tech Columnist for PC World magazine.

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* Manages contact details, including names, multiple addresses, social media accounts and includes 14 customizable fields to track whatever you need

* Imports contacts from Address Book/Contacts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more...

* Includes a built-in calendar that displays day, week, month and list views, and works with the Apple calendar and other popular external calendars

* Links related events and tasks to each contact

* Stores a chronological log of all completed and upcoming activities related to each contact

* Shows each day’s schedule at-a-glance on the customizable Dashboard

* Keeps unlimited notes from conversations and meetings

* Displays each contact’s social media activities, including Facebook and Twitter posts

* Produces reports summarizing completed activities and other relationship details

* Groups contacts into orbits for quick scheduling and group messaging

* Syncs between desktop computer, iPhone and iPad (requires setup of VIPsync service)


Release Notes:

Enhanced performance, bug and crasher fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5
Review by sixtiesdad

Correcting a previous (bad) review - I left a negative review for this product yesterday, but am unable to find a place to retract or modify it. Lacking that, I’ll tell what has turned out to be the rest of the story: First, I’ve been a devoted Act! user since IBM 486’s (1993), and when I moved to Macs a few years ago, I kept an old PC just to keep Act! in my CM life. This product isn’t as feature-rich as Act!, but then I never used every feature of that program anyway. This has the meat of Act! though, and in the world of iOS mobile device syncing, it’s as close to heaven as I expect to get in any CMS app. Hopefully, it’ll get even better with upgrades going forward. Why the negative review yesterday then? I installed three different apps (Mac/phone/pad) without once reading the instructions for any of them. I was tired and irritable, and seeing a few other reviews that sounded like what I was going through, I jumped. My apologies to the developers. Today I quickly untangled my mistakes, and now I have my ical and icontacts on all three devices.. they’re all syncing well..and I’m looking forward to building notes and becoming familiar with my new Apple-baby Act! A tip? Read the instructions and install it/them when you’re well rested.

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people
Version 1.0
Review by Kingdaddy2000

I bought it and then learned the ONLY way to sync iPhone app and this is to pay an extra $4.99/m!!!! - What good is having multiple apps if they don't sync? Why can't the sync simply use Dropbox or iCloud? Why doesn't the information above mention that in order to sync the apps (iMac, iPhone and even iPad), you have to pay a monthly fee of $4.99, or basically another $60 / year in perpetuity????? This is a great example of why the app store needs a better policy - a one or two week trial period before having to pay woud help to eliminate problems like this. I just threw $30 down the drain to this vendor because they hid the fact that it requires a monthly subscription (at the bottom, I did just read "requires VIP Sync Service" - but you have to go elsewhere to find out what that really means). What IS very visible is an iPad, an MBA or MBP, and an iPhone all together as if they are all in sync, making one think all of this syncs in unison. I was hoping to use this in our business development efforts. We are a small business that is trying to find good ways to keep our overhead costs low in order to compete in this "low priced, techical acceptable", Goervnment furloughed environment. Hiding things like subscription fees to function is a very poor business practice (like all of the hidden cell phone fees). If the vendor had been up front about the extra fees and listed this cost above, I would not be here giving this app a 1 star review. So my advicse is, BUYER BEWARE - know that you'll need to pay more to use this product as advertised. PS - I'm sure the vendor will come out with an update to eliminate this review, but probably will not change their advertising. I'll try to keep an eye out for that and respond accordingly. Perhaps Mike Muhney will fix this.

Found helpful by 29 out of 34 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6
Review by Dfritzin

Program is going downhill - I purchased this program in March, 2014, and was pretty happy with it. Of late, however, my opinion of the program has really gone downhill. There are 2 major problems I have seen. 1) The program hangs at the slightest provocation. When I add a new contact (or put a contact in a new orbit, or change information on a contact), the program hangs. These hangs can last for up to 30 minutes, which makes the program less than useless, since my reason for purchasing this program was to keep track of communications with my contacts. For what it is worth, I currently have about 940 contacts in 9 orbits, though I had originally imported about 2000 contacts (Mac address book and LinkedIn), and removed those I didn't need. 2) This is a new, and extremelhy stupid problem. I have two contacts for the same person, which weren't recognized by the program as duplicates. I changed enough of the information so they would be recognized, and ran the "Merge Contacts" function. Now, I have 5 contacts for the same person! Whatever they are doing to improve the program, it isn't working.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.6
Review by Ya ba dabba

Despise the Program - The program seemed great at first. I have had issues with this app where I will have to re-install the app twice in 8months. It cost me more time than if I would have used some other program. I wanted to like this app but its awful. For $50 you’d be better off using some other program.

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