Developer: eightloops GmbH

Current Version: 1.7.2

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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A completely new way to organize your emails.

"Unibox's slick interface and contact-centric design make it the best client we tried." — Appleinsider
"It’s easily the simplest and most unique email app on the Mac right now." — MacAppStorm
"A welcome, fresh new approach to email on the Mac" — Macworld
"Unibox Makes E-mail About People, Not Boring Old Mailboxes" — Cult Of Mac

Unibox is an email client that groups your messages by sender. This way your emails are organized automatically and you always find what you are looking for.

Unibox supports IMAP servers:
- Gmail
- iCloud, me.com, mac.com
- Yahoo!
- Exchange if IMAP is enabled
- Hotmail, outlook.com, live.com
- Fastmail
- QQMail
- Self-hosted IMAP servers
- Many more

Single window:
Instantly compose your messages without opening new windows.

Easily drill down into a conversation view with multiple participants.

Powerful Filters:
Show only messages that are unread, starred, have attachments or were sent by people from your address book.

Unified Accounts:
View messages and conversations across all your accounts.

Switch Accounts:
Focus on single accounts or folders when necessary.

Attachment List:
Quickly find documents and files you exchanged with other people.

Attachment Grid:
Visually browse your attachments and images.

Preview attachments without launching external apps.

Use multiple identities with a single account, including separate SMTP servers.

Btw, Unibox is now also available for iPhone and iPad.


Release Notes:

* Improved MacOS Sierra compatibility
* Bugfix for fullscreen mode
* Bugfix for timeout error that occurs with some providers and self-hosted servers.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by TubbyBartles

Tour de force - download this now! - The OSX Mail client was choking on Gmail, so I went looking for a new email app. I tried 4 or 5 of them, and boy were they clunky - no retina support, bad graphics, things that make it tough when you live in email all day. Then I looked at Unibox. It was clean. However, it was amazing how many of the features I do use - flagging, filing, are there *exactly where you expect them to be*. Most of the time, it’s unobtrusive - you just see the list of people and the current emails for the current person. But when you go to flag, there’s a little star there. When you want to respond, the arrows pop up on the right. An amazing amount of thought went into every pixel - and the fonts & retina display work wonderfully. As strange as it is to say, I’m actually happy OSX Mail failed on me - I never would have found Unibox otherwise. My only suggestions are nits, so I gave it 5 stars: 1. I’d love to see a marker somewhere that shows how many flagged emails I have, otherwise I don’t know if I have any to get back to. 2. I’d really like an option to see a more "Traditional View" that shows subject lines of key emails so I can take in my email at a glance rather than having to click on every user. Maybe a button at the top that slides out subject lines to get a quick overview, but hides them when I let the button go?

Found helpful by 27 out of 27 people
Version 1.6.2
Review by DrMantysTobaggon

Since Sierra Update App crashes within seconds of start - Since I updated my Macbook to Sierra, Unibox crashes seconds after I open it. I’ve contaced customer service and they told me to send them my crash reports. That was almost 4 weeks ago and still no fix. And customer service has been no help. They just keep telling me to wait. This is a good app when it work, but just like their mobile app, customer service and the development team does a piss poor job of responding to costumer complaints and concerns.

Found helpful by 15 out of 16 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.7.2
Review by Passmaster

my favorite email app .but still needs improvement . - The best way to organize my emails. love the layout. the best at searching for a email. needs an always show more option .(PLEASE !!!) needs a faster way to move to folders. the delete (one click) and move (two click) options need to always remain visible . they are only visible at the top of the email.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.7.2
Review by VisionaryKat

Emails as People not tasks - Unibox is totally unique. With other email clients, I felt like each email represented a thing demanding my attention or a task to be done. With Unibox, the focus is on the person who sent the email. When emails come in, I see them as clients and persons I am in conversation with and whom I want to serve. I like how all the conversations with that person are linked, so looking back on previous conversations is made easy. In the Unibox view, I can also see emails that I sent out and am awaiting an answer. I like that reminder, otherwise I may forget that if I don’t get a response, I need to follow up. Finally, I like the attachment view, so I can quickly and easily spot an attachment without having to reopen old emails. Works for me!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.7.2
Review by Postito

Nearly perfect, but missing two features…. - I’m a marketing manager for 10 different organizations. Unibox is my number one choice for e-mail. I really enjoy the layout, navigation, and starring features. It doesn’t everything I would like, with exception to one thing. I rely heavily on the star feature as an indication of recieved e-mails requires my response. This feature is beautiful. The one thing that I need is a way to “star” or mark e-mails that I’ve responded to, that require a followup, but this “star” needs to be distinct from the current star. Adding this feature would cover both ends of e-mail, ones that come in and require a response from me, and e-mails that I send that require a response or a followup from the recipient(s). It would be great to be able to check a box in the composition window, say under my profile picture under send button that puts a similar icon to the right of the name in the inbox section and stores the sent email in a folder like the starred folder. The second feature that I would like is an inbox view option where the subject line is the primary view vs. the name of the sender/recepient. I understand the value of a name based veiw and I love it, but sometime, especially with group e-mails, its really difficult to find an e-mail that I would typically find by the subject line, and in group emials subject lines makes it much easier to see the chronology of the conversation. Thanks for making a nearly perfect email system. I hope that it’s perfected soon!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.7.2
Review by sknnypup

Needs just a few things... - One of the best apps for fighting spam. BUT.... NEEDS gesture support for reducing clicks and quickly deleting and clearing away junk. Would also be nice to have an easy way to "unsubscribe" to junk mail built in like some other apps. IF those two things could come to pass, this would be the best email client. I have tried Spark, Mail, Outlook, Airmail, and probably 5 others. I keep coming back to this one.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.7.2
Review by Pixietale

Still my favorite. - I really like Apple Mail a lot - but it still feels like too much ‘management’ with the in-box. I also have several others, including the freebie Spark and Airmail. The former is pretty good for a freebie, the latter is fine if you want want that much granular control. For myself: I want simplicity and ease of use. UniBox is it. Sure it lacks some of the fancy-shmancy neato features like DropBox or iCloud integration, but how often does one send such larg attachements anyway? (Yeah, I know some people actually do, just giving an example of how fancy-shmancy features are rarely used that much). UniBox feels so nicely lightweight, snappy, smooth, doesn;t feel like it’s sucking up RAM or system resources, etc. In short: Unibox focuses your email on the *SENDER*, not the message, just as the previous reviewer states. It is amazingly refreshing and once you wrap your head around this paradigm and way of dealing with your in-box, it is really annoying, possibly even frustrating to go back to the old individual-message-is-important routine. And not having new windows popping open and polluting the screen every time you create a new message and so on is genuinely refreshing. I LOVE this app, hopefully it will continue being developed for a long time to come, even if it means repurchasing a newer version; I’m all-in.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people