Developer: Ryan Harter

Current Version: 1.2.0

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 4.8 MB - Download


Unbound lets you manage your photo library the way you want. Instead of locking your photos away inside a private library, your photos live in folders on your computer, accessible from anywhere.

Incredibly Fast

Unbound was designed with speed as a priority. Everything from the initial app launch to scrolling through your thumbnails is incredibly responsive. Access photos whenever you want without having to wait.

Easy Organization

Unbound keeps your photo organization simple. Use albums to group your photos and easily find them later. Instant search puts any album within a few taps of your keyboard.

Save Space

Unbound doesn't create a separate photo library like other photo apps. Instead, Unbound uses your existing file structure to create its albums. That means your photos aren't duplicated and you save space.

Easy & Direct Access

Using the file structure also means that you can edit, copy, delete, and move your photos using the Finder, Photoshop, or any other app. Unbound watches the files and stays perfectly up-to-date.

Effortlessly Sync Using Dropbox

Do you want to sync your photo albums with your iPhone, iPad or even multiple Macs? Combine Unbound with Dropbox and you can organize and upload your photos from anywhere and have the changes automatically synced to all your devices.


Release Notes:

* Fixes a bug that broke drag and drop.
* Adds better context menu support.
* Adds command-E shortcut to open a photo in your default editor.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.8
Review by Max Masnick

Great alternative to heavy-handed software like iPhoto or Aperture - I was looking to move my photos out of iPhoto and Aperture libraries because Apple is killing these products. I considered Adobe Lightroom, but I really wanted to just keep my photos in a folder structure in Dropbox and be able to see them all quickly. I don’t need or want all the editing functionality in software like Aperture and Lightroom – any editing I do, I’ll do in Acorn or Pixelmator. Unbound does exactly this: it quickly shows thumbnails of photos in a folder structure. It uses the folder name as the “album name,” which is exactly what I want. I keep my photos in a "YYYY/YYYY-MM album name" folder structure (or "YYYY/YYYY-MM” for misc. photos), and Unbound is smart enough to realize that my folder hierarchy is two levels deep and just show the “YYYY-MM album name” folders (not the “YYYY” folders). I’m tired of having to switch photo management applications every few years when the app de jour gets crappy or “sunsetted.” Keeping my photos in a folder structure should last much longer. Unbound is the perfect app for viewing photos in such a system.

Found helpful by 22 out of 22 people
Version 1.1.9
Review by Pete N

pretty much useless - Look: Unbound is exactly what it claims to be—a fast, simple photo file management too—but that is it. Not an inch, not a millimeter more! You’re little better off than you would be if you created your own folders for your albums (eg Snake River 2014, Aunt Sara’s wedding, etc) and copied your photos to these. Better still you can do this in Dropbox or the equivalent. Unbound will do this for you, but you can’t order the photos except by date or file name, you can’t edit them (not even rotate an image), you can’t reduce the size and resolution (say for web browsing or sharing via text)…I could go on ad infinitum. Save your self $10 and just use the Finder and Preview or pay for a “grownup” photo management tool.

Found helpful by 18 out of 23 people