Ultrablast HD

Developer: RetroFlux

Current Version: 1.5.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 52.3 MB - Download


✦ Unfortunately this version is not compatible with Snow Leopard at the moment.
✦ Continuing our sale for a while longer!

Follow the story of four characters as they investigate a mysterious phenomenon affecting their home planet. Perhaps you will be able to solve the mystery. By shooting things. And lots of them.

Ultrablast brings old-school shoot'em up action to your Mac. It will remind you of the good old painful days of arcade gaming. And we hope you enjoy it.

Now in true HD resolution: 1080p! Please use a big screen TV for a better, happier experience.

HD version brings you:
• Expanded levels with larger gameplay area
• Gamepad and keyboard controls
• 1080p HD display support

• Explore highly varied, exotic levels
• Upgrade your weapons to unlock your full potential
• Fight big bad bosses
• Collect Juuru power orbs to unleash powerful attacks
• Build a unique battle strategy by studying the DataFlux
• Listen to the awesome music, seriously

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Release Notes:

Changes in 1.5.0

• 60 FPS!
• New audio engine!
• Improved button-based navigation
• Overhauled UI with smooth & fast transitions
• Gameplay area slightly extended towards sides of screen
• Many tweaks including a faster Vulcan 300!
• Added 'Restart' option
• Minor bug fixes

More updates are coming soon!
Stay tuned, brand new games on the way after the updates!

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.0
Review by plaintiger

i like it! - i'm wary of buying stuff on the App Store because there's no recourse if you don't like what you bought (it's a very customer-unfriendly sales model) ...and i've been disappointed with some purchases in the past. but i'm not disappointed with this one. i don't know how younger people will feel about it who haven't experienced the old games that this one refers to, but i used to be a huge fan of Xevious and haven't been able to find a satisfactory substitute in more recent years...until now. Ultrablast HD is what i've been looking for. :) UPDATE: the one thing i really dislike about this game is how complicated it is, after you die, to get back to the level you died on. you start at the beginning of the game again and have to hit Return a LOT in order to get past all the cutscenes and so on...which wouldn't be as bad as it is if you didn't periodically have to stop hitting Return and hit other keys instead (Esc, Down-Arrow) so as to make the process as quick as possible but without winding up on the wrong level. the Escape key (and not the Return key) skips through the cutscenes all at once, and you have to use the Down-Arrow key to choose the level you died on because the first level - and not the level you died on - is highlighted by default each time you go through this process. it's tedious and requires that you pay attention when you shouldn't have to and don't want to - you should be able to just hit Return or Esc once to get back to where you were and resume playing, with no thought or significant amount of time involved, but it's much more complicated than that. that's the only thing i'd want to see changed though. well, that and maybe for the game to be true fullscreen, instead of the playing field occupying just a strip down the center of the blacked-out screen. these complaints aside, it's a great game.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.5.0
Review by Koolmagicguy

Great game! - Challenging, but not impossible. Glad I got this game!

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Version 1.5.0
Review by bbb42

Crashes frequently. - Hard to choose the weapon you want because of the automated powerup behavior. Also keeps crashing in the fourth stage. Not worth the price to me.

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