Ultimate Sudoku

Developer: ABCOM

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 2.7 MB - Download


A great buy for Sudoku lovers. You get

- 2000 puzzles of 9x9
- 1000 puzzles of 16x16
- 100 puzzles of 25x25
- 100 puzzles of 36x36

All puzzles in Ultimate Sudoku are computer generated with our own-invented algorithm which is capable of generating puzzles of any dimension - even larger than 81x81. Every puzzle has a definite solution. As the puzzles are computer generated using randomization techniques, it is possible that a puzzle has more than one solution. The Validate action correctly validates every solution.

When you attempt a puzzle, the intermediate state of your work can be saved just the way it is done on paper. So take your own time in solving a puzzle.

Special Note: This product is not for those who want to learn how to solve a Sudoku puzzle. If you have ever solved Sudoku puzzles on paper, this is the game for you on your Mac. Just the way a paper puzzle does not help in solving itself, this game does not provide any hints. To make it truly difficult, even a rough pad is not provided. So if you are a genius in solving Sudoku puzzles, go ahead and you will enjoy this as much as your paper puzzles with the added convenience of electronic media.

Test your Sudoku skills against these computer generated puzzles.

Now, enjoy these brain-teasing puzzles!