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Current Version: 7.64

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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Designed for serious to casual collectors. If you are looking for coin collecting software for Apple Mac's, you've come to the right place. This is a full-featured App, with an extensive Dictionary of US Minted Coins, and it works in conjunction with your iPad or iPhones (purchased separately).

Now supports creating multiple collections. These collections can be shared across iPhone, iPad, and Mac Computers. Perhaps ideal for getting a son or granddaughter interested in coin collecting, Grandpa can setup a collection for them then send it to them via Dropbox (Backup on Grandpa's Computer, Restore on Grandchild's).

Main Features:
- Coin Dictionary
- Reports
- Emailing
- Excel Integration

Coin Dictionary with the App is extensive:

* Half-Cents, Cents
* Two and Three Cents
* Nickels
* Half-Dimes, Dimes
* Quarters
* Half Dollars
* Dollars
* Proof and Mint Sets
* Gold Coins
* Bullion Coins
* Early American Colonials
* Patterns
* Commemoratives
* Territorial

iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Windows
Would you like to be able to use the App on multiple Apple mobile devices? We have a solution for that. The Backup / Restore feature allows you to backup a copy of your collection on your iPhone, and then Restore the backup to perhaps your iPad. This makes it easy to sync your collection between your various Apple devices.

Enjoy sharing photo's of your trophies? We offer unlimited photos. Use that high-resolution camera in your iPhone to snap photo's of your coins, then Backup the collection to the Cloud and restore to your iPad and Apple MacBook for viewing.

Wonder what it's worth, we show you Heritage Auctions Archives (#1 Coin Auction House in the World) AND EBay auctions for your coin, one at a time.

Did we mention Reports? Yes, we have reports covering basic inventory, buy-lists, detailed financial analysis, and more. Better yet, you can choose between printing or emailing to a friend or maybe your Accountant.

-Financial summary
-Estimated market summary
-Profit & Loss
-Coin details
-Buy list
-Advanced P & L
-Insurance Details
-Physical Inventory

Most recently, we added support for opening your collection to view and edit using Microsoft Excel. Making changes of your collection using an Excel Spreadsheet make it easy to copy settings (Location, Variety, Supplier, etc.) to a large number of coins and doing so very easily.

Has it all, a truly best-in-class product and we are just getting started. Come join the fun.

Please visit our support site

If you buy the product, decide there's a feature you'd really love us to add -- please let us know. Our goal is to delight you, and help make Coin collecting fun and interesting.

john kountz
chief software architect & president
[email protected]

Preview this App before buying, watch our FREE Tutorials on our Support Website.


Release Notes:

Mint Sets were not showing Issues. Fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by iProgramToo

Yahoo, finally a really great Coin App - WOW! That was my first response after spending about 5 minutes playing around with this App for Coin Collecting. I have been waiting forever to have a really good quality coin collecting Application on my Mac. Till now, I've had to run a Windows App to manage my coins, very inconvienent :P I love the photos, ability to add coins so easily, and the reports are spot-on. Keep up the great work!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.46
Review by SJE56

Save your money! - After using the program for a few days I have come to the conclusion that this coin program falls far short for what you have to pay for it. Unless you collect only certified coins, you will be greatly disappointed since it seems directed at them and is very limited when it comes to raw coin cataloging and pricing. Not at all customizable or user friendly. All collectors collect and categorize their collections in different ways and want their reports and inventory spreadsheets to be able to be customized/edited to show only the desired fields for each collector. For some reason, the developer felt that his layout was the only one anyone would ever want and made it almost non-customizable. What you get is a long spread out page with un-necessary fields that can neither be deleted or new fields added. Many dollars wasted IMO. I deleted it and went back to my mac/ipad numbers spreadsheet. I may not have all the nice photos, etc. but at least I have a product that is completely flexible to suit the individual collector.

Found helpful by 10 out of 15 people