Developer: Ciro Continisio

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 74.7 MB - Download


-- NEW: UFHO2 is now completely free! No Ads, no IAPs. Enjoy! --

After 2 years of waiting, UFHO2 is here. If you like strategy and challenges, UFHO2 will put your brain to the test.

“For those looking for an entertaining local multiplayer game […] this is a solid choice” — 148Apps.com
“It's an entertaining and smart mash-up of puzzler and board game” — PocketGamer.co.uk
“One of those titles you can’t afford not to have on your iPad” — iSpazio.net
“A great strategy board game with sophisticated level of difficulty, and high emergent complexity” — iPlayApps.de

In UFHO2, you play a jelly alien trying to get as many gems as possible while moving about in a maze-like UFO. Play turn-based matches against smart opponents, and use your brain to outwit them and get the upper hand.

UFHO2 is strategy at its finest, packed in a competitive board game tailored from the ground-up for the iPad. In this sequel, things get bigger and better in every way, with new stages, more board layouts, all new characters, new game modes, and more powerups, leaderboards and achievements. What more can you ask for?

• Story Mode — 10 unique planets along 2 different story lines, for a total of 25+ matches
• Local Multiplayer mode — outwitting your friends is more fun when you can see the disappointment in their eyes
• Situations mode — once you’ve become really good, show your worth in these super-hard matches!
• GameCenter support, with 24 Achievements and 2 Leaderboards shared between iOS and OSX - be the best in the world!
• Play up to 4 on one iPad!
• 10 different alien races to unlock, each one with its own in-game power
• 6 guests from other indie games (World of Goo, Super Crate Box, Bit.Trip, Blocks That Matter, Gish, Cortex Command)
• A wonderful original soundtrack, by composer Francesco D'Andrea — listen to it on http://bit.ly/UFHO2soundtrack

• A cross-platform Online Multiplayer mode
• Even more characters
• Hats for everyone :)

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