Developer: Takeshi Ogihara

Current Version: 2.4.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Typist is a typing tutor, which helps you in learning touch typing.
If you have never taken any lessons in typing before, please be patient.
Typing is not difficult but it does take a lot of practice. Avoid the tendency to look down at your fingers while typing. This is a very bad habit and is hard to break later.
If you have always used the hunt-and-peck method, you will have an even harder time keeping yourself from looking. Don't be surprised if you find touch typing slower than your old ways. It may be slower when you first start. But, touch typing is far faster once you get the hang of it.

Select a course, and exercise!!


Release Notes:

The size of window can be changed.
The progress of exercises can be recorded in iCloud.
As your exercises proceed, a "stamp" can be displayed optionally. There is a stamp for children.
You can set up typist so that a favorite picture may be displayed after exercises are completed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4.0

Best typing app so far. - I used other typing instructor apps in the beginning; however, they were all not very helpful. My typing was very clumsy. With “Typist,” everthing changed. The app's layout is simple and intuitive. My learning process was rapid. I could mentally remember where the keys were without having to look at the keyboard. My typing speed increased naturally. I would certainily recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn typing with the ten fingers. Try this app, you will not regret. In no time, you will be on your way to amazing your friends about how well and fast you can type. Thanks to the developer. By the way, I typed this review in two minutes. That is an average of 55 words per minute. Not bad for a beginner.

Found helpful by 108 out of 110 people
Version 2.4.0
Review by DemiDimi~

Boring - well, some of you guys may say that it is the “best” typing game ever made, but I do NOT agree with that AT ALL. I must admit that it is a way to learn typing, but it is VERY boring when learning. you have to type random stuff, such as: ffffjjjjjfffjfjfjffjjfjjfjjjfjjfjfjfjfjjffj… for thousands of times. when you mistype something, you have to do the entire thing all over again! the worst part is that it can NOT delete what you had just typed, and when you actually mistyped something, you need a few seconds to figure out what letter you should press next, which, in fact, slows you down when typing.

Found helpful by 25 out of 52 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.0
Review by SaltyCompadre

Really great - This little app does everything it needs to, and it does the job well. Always finding myself trying to improve many things in my life such as penmanship, and typing skills. Lessons are quick and it works.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 2.4.0
Review by movieboy23

Fast, easy and not too frustrating method to learn typing - I’m embarrassed to admit that I was still hunting and pecking at the keyboard at the age of 26. I was determined to become a touch typist and went searching through the App Store to find something that could quickly help me learn how. Most of the apps are geared toward children and rightfully so, but I wanted something that could be used by an adult, was simple, straight-forward and extensive. Fortunately I found Typist. This app takes you from the very beginning and helps you learn all the keys, including the upper row of number keys. Within three days of using it, I was touch typing (albeit slowly) and within a week, I had become a permanent touch typist. The nice thing about the app is that it caters to typists of all age and experience level and helps you to both improve your accuracy and speed with a number of different, quick and easy lessons. Plus the price can’t be beat. Bottom line: If you’re looking to finally learn touch typing or would like to improve your typing speed, I would highly recommend downloading and using this app.

Found helpful by 89 out of 91 people
Version 2.4.0
Review by Prenez

So grateful to Typist - You did the impossible and taught me touch typing at the age of 54. The program is simple, and the lessons are no nonsense and all you have to do is work through them, and practice. Also did wonders for my self esteem, to finally seize control over the keyboard. I got so good at it, I’m now using a blank-key Trulyergonomic keyboard! You don’t need anything except Typist. Michael Prenez-Isbell Manager Emerging Technologies Conde Nast

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.4.0
Review by meangorrilla

Great Teacher! - I started using this app without any knowledge of formal typing. Within a few short weeks of practicing as advised by the program, I was typing without looking at the keys. The app really works, you should try it!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.4.0
Review by ccyetilove

Content is questionable - This is a good tool for learning how to type. I was brushing up on skills I learned in middle school. The content is a bit odd and almost uncomfortable to type at times. The best I can say is it’s a bit negative. The final one where I decided to delete the app was “Dad fell off the ladder, is he safe?” Didn’t really appreciate that one. There will be strings of words that aren’t good as well like hag, slag, nag, drag. You’d be surprised how subtle negativity can affect one’s mindset. At the very least, I wouldn’t recommend this for kids.

Found helpful by 7 out of 48 people