Developer: Apquantix

Current Version: 1.4.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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TxtEmbrace is an application that will assist you in text editing. Sometimes while typing out your thoughts, you might make little but cumbersome mistakes that are annoying to edit. You might forget to capitalize a letter, a whole word or a sentence. And maybe you want to add parenthesis, brackets, single or double quotes? Now you can quickly and easily make these changes in a heartbeat.

Adding quotation marks, brackets, and parentheses is fast and easy. You don’t have to go
through all the steps of placing the cursor on one side of your word or sentence to select
where to place a mark and combine the shift key with the marking key and then repeat the
whole thing again on the other side of the word or sentence. With TxTEmbrace just select the word or sentence, right click, and select the corresponding function. Both marks are instantly inserted in their proper location. If you change your mind a quick Undo will return your text untouched.

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to each TxTEmbrace function to edit your text even faster. With TxTEmbrace you can immediately execute your changes and continue your creative writing without delay.