Tweetbot for Twitter

Developer: Tapbots

Current Version: 2.5.4

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 11.7 MB - Download


Tweetbot is an award-winning, native Twitter client for the Mac. This full-featured client has fantastic support for multiple accounts and lists. It also has powerful mute filters, multiple column views, and much more.


Designed for OS X.
Tweetbot feels right at home in Yosemite with its beautiful interface, animations, support for Retina Displays and Notification Center.

Multiple Columns & Windows.
Open saved searches, lists, mentions, direct message conversations and more into columns or windows and never miss a tweet.

Mute Filters.
Hide tweets that you don’t want to see for a short period or forever. Mute people, hashtags, or tweets via keywords (includes regex).

Multiple Device Sync.
If you use Tweetbot on iOS, your timeline, unread status, and mute filters will automatically stay in sync so you can always continue where you left off across devices.

Support for 3rd Party Services.
Tweetbot supports bitly, CloudApp, Droplr,, Instapaper, Mobypicture, Pinboard, Pocket, Readability, and yfrog


Release Notes:

- Added support for posting up to 280 character long Tweets.
- Blocking users now prevents Tweets from those users showing up in Tweet search and Tweet replies.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6.2
Review by OneBlueSky

Let’s rate the app itself - The app is honestly a 5 star app on it’s own merits. However you feel about the developers and their lack of progress on anything but the iPhone version, the sillyness of diverting attention from the iPad and Mac for a calculator app - This app is deserving of 5 stars on it’s own. There isn’t a better Twitter client. The app makes Twitter honestly feel more fun. It’s easier to keep up with stuff, you get better information and better tools than on the site, it even offered many things before the site did itself (Muting for example). It’s a game changer as far as Twitter goes, and it’s worth what it costs. The $19.99 (or whatever it is now, that’s what I paid when it launched) is well worth the cost. It’s steep for an app, but once you use it you’ll really forget that it cost that much because even as outdated as it is now, it still feels like a steal for that amount and it’s again, far superior to any other method of using Twitter. There’s literally nothing else that can be compared to it. That, and they also get limited tokens so the price really is justified. While the app desperately needs an major update like, yesterday (I’m with you guys) and the iPad version feels long forgotten for well over a year, it seems they’re finally opening up to the public and demonstrating that they are working on the Mac version anyway. I honestly don’t believe the iPad version will ever come, but it looks like the Mac version might get here someday. I know it says soon here, and the iPad said soon almost a year and a half ago, but it looks like the Mac version really might be the real-world definition of soon. Honestly very unhappy with the devs and their lack of outreach/updating their customers regularly like every other dev (honestly how hard is a blog post from time to time) but we’re not rating the developer here.

Found helpful by 11 out of 12 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by onesockboy

Crashes more than it works - I used to really love Tweetbot; bought it for all of my devices, etc. But long ago, it stopped syncing between them properly. Months ago, the mac version started crashing every single time I mute any keyword or user or change any setting, which is the main selling point for this app in the first place. I have updated it and everything else (OS, etc.) multiple times, but same problems persist with no communication or awareness by the company. Especially now that others offer the same features—incl basic Twitter itself—it’s hard to find a reason to stick with Tweetbot.

Found helpful by 42 out of 45 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.5.4
Review by nathan_abd

It’s alright... - I love Tweetbot! There’s just a few things that I would enjoy having. With videos, theres no way of seeing your progress in the video. Also, the menu bar is very inconsistent with whether or not it wants to show up. Also, when it comes to the activity section, I find it kind of weird on how when I press one of the activity items, it opens the person who liked/retweeted/mentioned’s account, and doesn’t show the tweet. Also, when I want to see who liked the tweet, it shows Favstar, and not who actually liked the tweet. I wish there was a way to turn that off, that would be fantastic. It’s doable without, but those features would be god-sent if they existed. Great app, I’ve bought it twice on iPhone and now on my Mac. Just a tiny bit more until it’s engraved in greatness.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.5.4
Review by Ben Mitchell

links open a blank google chrome page - When I click on a link in tweetbot for mac, it opens to a blank webpage in google chrome. Is this normal?

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.5.4
Review by zee_professor

RIP iCloud Sync - My Mac and iPhone have not synced timelines since Friday. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, logged in and out of iCloud, and nothing has worked. I might just have to stick to Twitter on one device for now.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.5.4
Review by MechMykl

The only Twitter client I’ll use - Twitter user since 2008. The main Twitter site and app have distorted away from the core timeline experience over the years. Tweetbot has always put power users first, offering thoughtful features and solid cross-platform support. I refuse to use any other client.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.5.4
Review by BaileyinDC

doesn’t work - I keep getting: "Unable to authorize your account because of the following error: Would you like to connect to the server anyway?"

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