Tuneful Tiger

Developer: Hanley Solid Solutions

Current Version: 1.1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 7.1 MB - Download


Tuneful Tiger brings over the same great music tracking experience found on iOS devices to the Mac!

Ever been listening to the radio, when an amazing song pops out of no where? Ever tried to jot down that song's name, artist and album? More likely than not, that's not been easy, especially if you don't have a pen or paper nearby. And even if you manage to jot it down in a text file or sticky note, you'll more than likely forget where you saved the file or placed the sticky on your Mac.

That's where Tuneful Tiger comes in to change the scenario! It is an app built strictly for tracking down music you just have to have, immediately after you hear it.

Tuneful Tiger stores up to 20 songs, letting you record up to 20 different songs' titles, artists, albums, and personal ratings. Once a song's data is entered, it automatically gets saved. From there you can search for it on the iTunes Music Store, find out more about the artist on Yahoo! Music, and send an email to tell friends and family about it!

It's as easy as selecting a row in the table, and then beginning to enter in a song's info.

Tuneful Tiger; The most versatile, functional, and simplistic music tracking experience on the Mac!


Release Notes:

• New application icon