TuneSpan — Your iTunes Library on Multiple Drives

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Current Version: 1.3.1

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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TuneSpan allows you to browse and span the media in your iTunes Library.

To "span" your media means to distribute the files in your iTunes Library across multiple drives.

"…the somewhat magical way that TuneSpan resolves the problem of having too much iTunes content makes this app a must-have for those with big media libraries."
- Macworld / TechHive


TuneSpan helps you easily move the media files (Music, Movies, etc.) in your iTunes Library to multiple drives, avoiding the pitfalls of moving files manually. TuneSpan lets you browse and keep track of media in your iTunes Library on all drives, whether they're connected or not, and makes it clear to you what is and isn't currently available to play in iTunes.


To select some tracks, drag anything from the browsing area and drop it into the blue gradient Spanlist. You can drag Playlists, Media Types, Genres, Artists, Albums, Tracks, and Locations. To view your selection and remove tracks, just click the Spanlist.

To choose the location to move your selected media to, click the Span Location area in the bottom middle of TuneSpan. Or, you can drag-and-drop a folder from Finder.

Also, TuneSpan now features automation! You can set up spans and restores to be executed on launch.


There are several reasons you may need TuneSpan:

• You're running out of space. You have a big iTunes Library on your internal drive and you want to move some (or all) of it to an external drive. TuneSpan helps you do this easily and seamlessly while cleaning up after itself and allowing you to always keep track of where everything is.

• You store a lot of Movies/TV Shows in iTunes and you want to re-organize your media (i.e., move all your videos to an external drive). With TuneSpan, you can easily select a whole Media Type and move the files wherever you choose, while continually being able to see where the files are, move them around again, or restore them easily.

• You need more space temporarily. TuneSpan offers a fast way to move gigabytes of files in your iTunes Library to free up space. Later, you can easily restore your files to their original locations while keeping your iTunes Library perfectly intact.

• You regularly add new Music, Movies, Podcasts, etc. With TuneSpan you can easily move older media (or media you don't listen to as much) to an external drive while keeping your default iTunes Media location the same. This way, new stuff goes where it should and there's always room for more.


The spanning process is simple. TuneSpan makes copies of your media files at the selected Span Location; your media files are never deleted automatically. Once a file has been successfully copied, TuneSpan will set the new location in iTunes. That's the spanning process for a track; copy its file and update its location in iTunes. By default, in the selected Span Location, TuneSpan will organize your files into folders just like iTunes. But, you can customize the folder organization. After tracks have been successfully spanned, you can choose to have the original files and empty folders moved to the Trash to help keep your system tidy.

TuneSpan does not directly modify the iTunes Library, but uses Apple Events (AppleScript) to set track locations.


Unfortunately, TuneSpan can’t span files that do not respond to the necessary "set location" AppleScript command. TuneSpan cannot move the following file types; they are left untouched and unchanged:

Mobile Apps, Rented Movies, Ring Tones, and Text-Based Books

Also, when you have both SD and HD versions of a video, only the HD version can be spanned because of how iTunes lists them in the iTunes Library XML.

There is also a bug in iTunes that seems to cause some video files to be unable to span.


Release Notes:

» Added option to send anonymous usage information (via Paddle Analytics) to track a variety of events in TuneSpan. Sending anonymous usage information is OPT-IN and you'll be prompted on first run to approve whether or not to send it. Learn more about analytics in TuneSpan at the end of these Release Notes.

» Added new Privacy Options section to the General Preferences to toggle sending Crash Reports and Anonymous Usage Information.

» Fixed issue where all Movies would show up as Home Video in TuneSpan if you didn’t have any Home Videos in iTunes 12.2 and newer.

» Fixed a few issues with Reorganizing Spanned Tracks where TuneSpan would keep prompting to reorganize the same spanned tracks.

» Fixed issue where some unspannable Mobile Apps and iPod Games could continue showing up in TuneSpan.

» Fixed issue with not requesting File Access to read an iTunes Library when the Home folder was on an external drive.

» Various other minor fixes and improvements throughout.


Gathering anonymous usage information (via Paddle Analytics - in TuneSpan is a bit of an experiment and is something I want to be open and honest about. I’ve decided to offer users the option to send anonymous usage information (it's OPT-IN) because I feel it could help me make TuneSpan better in the future. If you have thoughts or ideas about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly via or through any Contact Developer buttons in TuneSpan.

All events are tracked anonymously and the statistics will only be used to better understand how TuneSpan is used, and how it's functioning, to help make it better in the future. Paddle Analytics also includes an anonymous system profile.

Sending anonymous usage information is OPT-IN and you'll be prompted to approve whether or not to send it on first run. But, you can also change that decision anytime with the “Send Anonymous Usage Information” checkbox in the new Privacy Options of the General Preferences.

And, as always, if you enjoy TuneSpan please consider leaving a Rating or Review here in the Mac App Store :-)


» TuneSpan can now Reorganize Spanned Tracks when track tags change in iTunes, or when organization preferences change in TuneSpan. You can turn this off in the General Preferences.

» All new Library Information window with pie charts and lists to analyze the types of media you have across all your drives.

» Fully supports OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iTunes 12.2 and newer (including downloaded Apple Music files). With iTunes 12.2 and newer, TuneSpan can now span iTunes Extras, iTunes LPs, Digital Booklets, and PDFs!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.3
Review by kbga1

Excellent iTunes Utility! Worked perfectly. - I never even know Tunespan existed until yesterday when I searched online to learn how to move my entire iTunes library to an external hard drive. From reading all of the posts on the Apple support forums I could tell that this procedure is something that can turn into a MAJOR headache if not done correctly. Enter Tunespan… I also read about this app on the Apple support forums and checked other reviews on Macupdate. Everything sounded legit and positive so I decided to give it a try. It was the best $14.99 I have spent in a long time!!! It took almost 9 hours but all of my files transferred flawlessly and were automatically relinked to iTunes without a hitch. People, moving your iTunes library is NOT just a drag and drop operation! If you don't use Tunespan, make sure to follow the multi-step procedures correctly. If you don't, your iTunes library will get all messed up. Search the Apple support forums this to learn this for yourself. (Note to Apple: please make iTunes more intuitive.) Well done job Tunespan developer!!!!!

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 1.2.3
Review by joenspa

Well written app that causes a lot of problems - If you ever open iTunes without your external drive connected it completely messes up the artwork. The restore art function or whatever you call is not 100% either. I was constantly losing artwork after spending hours tagging and adding artwork. The developer was nice enough to tell me how to put everything back in my library. Problem is, it all has to go back in the library on the drive that didn’t have enough room to start with. The whole reason I bought this app. I am now forced to rebuild almost all of my library. I don’t know of an app I have regretted buying more. Nice developer, good idea just doesn’t play well at all.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3.1
Review by usmcsgt777

Magic little piece of software that you never thought you would need. - If you are like me and you have a ton of music, eventually iTunes will start to struggle to keep up with the location of all of your music. Especially if you have had to download songs to external storage as your laptop is limited as to the amount of hard drive space it has. You may have found yourself in a similar position to me. Thousands of music files you have paid for and want to access but iTunes no longer recognizes where the file is. This software fixes that issue as well as makes it very easy to move songs from your hard drive on your laptop or desktop to as many external storage devices as you need AND still has them all able be managed and played through iTunes. It does it all in a very easy to use interface which, starts to seem like magic. Gone are the days of thinking I lost some of my music. I no longer worry about moving files around and wondering if I just made a copy of that file somewhere else in my collection. This software is great and helps to keep all of that in check. I cannot recommend this software highly enough. A must have for folks with a lot of music.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.3.1
Review by WDW1Fanatic

Outstanding - Truly an outstanding application. Fills a massive void that deals with growing iTunes media libraries. The app is well thought-out, well-designed, and refined. This isn’t one of the “quick and dirty” apps you may find elsewhere, but does what it needs to in an elegantly presented way. The only thing that could be improved is perhaps adding an orientation video to walk a new user through a scenario spanning a couple of files and then restore them — the information can be obtained by reading the website and contextual help, but putting the pieces together may be useful for those that don’t like to read or wait. Don’t let that minor suggestion deter you from buying this app. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.3.1
Review by OhDee Na

Freeing up HD space - Works as described, just make sure your have both this app and iTunes app open to work.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.3.1
Review by F. Prefect

Great for managing iTunes on a NAS - I use TuneSpan to keep my iTunes movies and TV shows stored on a NAS to save space on my internal HDD. It does its job really well. I had downloaded 9 seasons’ worth of shows since the last time I ran TuneSpan. I fired it up, it went to work on it, and all 202 episodes went to my NAS without a hitch.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.3.1
Review by washingtonpondfrog

Amazing - I needed to move from a 2tb iMac (late 2009 running Sierra) to a new 1tb MacBook Pro (late 2016). I had too many files on the iMac to fit it all on the smaller hard drive of the MacBook Pro. So I started investigating ways to move movies off to a different drive. I found TuneSpan and it has been a dream product. I’m amazed how easy it is and how well the software works. Importantly, the developer is super responsive to questions and willing to provide detailed troubleshooting instructions. I couldn’t be happier. After initially doing a TuneSpan transfer of 600gb of movies from the iMac to an external hard drive via USB, I have since moved that drive to be attached to my router (3rd gen AirPort Extreme) and TuneSpan continues to work perfectly. I can’t believe that it’s so easy to move iTunes content around without iTunes having any trouble finding things. Just amazing. TuneSpan makes moving to a laptop with a smaller hard drive doable! (Not due to TuneSpan or iTunes, I had trouble getting the content over from my iMac to the MacBook Pro, due to a hard drive problem. When the transfer was finally done, TuneSpan was confused about the locations of some of the files that were on the external hard drive. The developer told me to do a Force Respan (right click on the file, and it’s an option there). I was so thankful for the developer’s detailed instructions and foresight for building into the program the necessary options to handle unusual situations. TuneSpan is such an impressive piece of software.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people