Developer: Jonathan Clark

Current Version: 1.03

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Lets you determine various motoring costs, such as the cost of a journey, your average MPG, how much fuel would be needed for a journey, and how much fuel you get for your money. It can also perform conversions between popular motoring values (MPH to KPH, for example).

The application will help you work out:
• How much a journey will actually cost.
• Your real-life MPG.
• How much fuel you will need for a given journey.
• How many gallons/litres you will get for a given amount of money.

Other features include:
• Load and save data to file for various trips.
• Copy input data and results to the clipboard.
• Launch Calculator application.
• Use Imperial or Metric calculations for measurements in gallons/litres.
• Perform various motoring related conversions.

All results are approximate.

If you have a problem contact us, don't leave a bad review. We will always try to help. We have lots of very satisfied customers (visit our website to see their comments!)


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