Developer: Hanley Solid Solutions

Current Version: 2.0.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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TravelSpeakr, the amazing travel app for iOS is now available for the Mac!

TravelSpeakr is all about making your vacation, be it a big journey or small excursion, a little bit more enjoyable. How is this?

Have you ever wanted to keep your friends and family in the loop with regards to where you are in your trip, but have always found it to be more of a chore than anything? This is where TravelSpeakr comes into play.

Just select the log that is appropriate for where you are at in your adventure, and fill in the details. Want to make it a personal log? Add a photo or an audio message, or both!

Then share it either over email or iMessage.

With TravelSpeakr, keeping friends and family up-to-date has never been more easy!


Release Notes:

• Minimum supported OS X version is now 10.10
• Major redesign
• Simplified sharing
• Geolocation - Automatically detect your current location, and see it on a map (complete with zooming, panning and rotating!)
• Vastly improved photo attachment selection
• Support for audio message attachments
• Improved unit selection methodology