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Current Version: 1.3.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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TransformMovie is an app for rotating, special effects filtering and resizing many movies at one time, and even changing their rate of play. TransformMovie can operate on any of the movie formats which are supported by the QuickTime components installed on your Mac.

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What can TransformMovie do for me?

• Fix orientation of digital camera movies.

If your digital camara's movie orientation is wrong because of how you held the camera, TransformMovie can fix that by rotating it any amount. So if you take movies with your camera "sideways," you can rotate them by 90 degrees after you upload them to your Mac so they display properly.

• Apply special effects to movie frames.

With preset image filters applied to movie frames special effects can be added to the whole movie. For example you could turn a color movie into a monochrome one, color posterize it or apply a hatch screen for a comic effect.

• Resize movies or change their duration.

TransformMovie can change the width and height of the movie, and change the length of time it takes to play. For example, you can make a movie look like it is running in slow motion, or speed it up so you can run through it quickly for an overview of its content.


Release Notes:

Maintenance update.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.4
Review by Owlsmyles

Excellent, fast, simple! - I have a video project which landed me with 850 1 min videos each at 480x270 and needed to scale them up in size. Transformovie did the resizing, to all video in about 15 minutes! Transformovie is a real work horse. Excellent app!!

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3.1
Review by Annie Hull

Waste of money. - Some of these reviews call this product "fast" - I'm not sure I'm reviewing the same thing. I got this app because I needed to straighten a crooked video for work. There is no preview while you're editing, so you have to take a blind guess. I first tried rotating it only 5 degrees, since the video is just slightly crooked. That took 45 minutes and when it was done, I couldn't tell any difference at all. So I tried the same video (3 minutes in length) but rotated it 15 degrees. Four and a half hours later, it still wasn't done, and I had to leave the office and go home. If you need to rotate your video 90 degrees or 180 degrees just do it in iPhoto or QuickTime Player under "Edit." If you need to do anything else, good luck - don't waste your money on this app.

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Version 1.3.1
Review by magicmartin2

needs a lot of work, too expensice for what it is. - I bought this because I has some great video footage that was not fully straight - found the app recommended on the Internet. Pretty disappointed for $10 how poor the Inerface is (no preview of what you are doing), no fractual turning like 1.5 percent, only full numbers….speed for it to process the clip is ridicoulsly slow (and I have a very fast fully loaded computer). Then after waiting 20 minutes you realize you should have turned it 2% instead of 1%, so now we wait another 20 minutes or more to try again, just to realize that we really needed to turn it 1.5 % (which we can’t do)…..definetly needs a preview ! Endresult is not polished……video is put into black frame tilted… now we need to go into my video editor to crop it. Overall very dissapointed for the price and would not recommend spending the money on. No way ready for prime time, very surprised Apple let this on the App store!

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