Developer: Imacami

Current Version: 2.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Trí is a tiling window manager. With Trí, you can quickly arrange windows in the screen or move window between screens (when you have many monitors) by using mouse or hotkeys.


- Shake cursor to move or resize windows.

- Quickly arrange/split windows: cascade, tile horizontally or vertically

- Using shortcuts to move/resize window


Release Notes:

Fixed bugs


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by danvvw

Good idea, poor implementation - Great idea. I was excited, and bought it. Poor implementation. Try setting keyboard shortcuts. Many combinations just don't work. Not because something else is using them (I turned off the BetterSnapTool keyboard shortcuts that I normally use to try them with Trí). This is a silly bug, and it's keeping me from even getting started with this app. Once you finally get the keyboard shortcuts set up to do what you want, try using them. The "sort automatically", for example. It's broken. It takes Safari windows (if you're in the Top Sites view, at least) and breaks out the Search History ellipsoid search box, and treats that as its own window. So you end up with tiny impotent windows that are actually part of other applications floating off on their own. Makes no sense. Say you give up on the auto arrangement, and hit the Tile Horizontally (or Vertically) shortcut. Random ordering of windows! Doesn't always use up full screen. Sometimes does. I can't figure out what it's doing. Which is the opposite of what I want from a window manager. I thought this would give me more control; it's giving me less. …just a lot of rough edges that could be fixed, and then maybe this would be great, in which case I'll update this review… but for now… :/

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