Tourist Package List

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Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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We're proud to offer you a new useful tool for your daily life. This writing pad app will help you prepare every step of your upcoming trips: from getting a visa to packing the suitcase. You'll be able to plan several trips at the same time, without confusing or forgetting which actions or things are necessary for them.

HOW TO USE: First of all, enter the name of your trip destination and the date. Then use two main sections: Actions and Items. In the section Actions you can create the to-do list, containing the necessary procedures: getting a visa, going to a bank, etc. In the section Items you can create the list of things you should have with you during the trip: passport, tickets, bags, shirts, etc. For each item you can choose its price and the necessary number of these objects. The app will calculate the total price. In both of the sections (Actions and Items) you can mark the points you've already done. In this way, you can see how many of your trip preparations are already accomplished. Don't forget, with the help of this app you can prepare SEVERAL upcoming trips at the same time.

Tourist Package List features:
- Really useful tool for all people who often travel for business goals or personal needs;
- Section Actions for creating the list of the necessary procedures (getting a visa, etc);
- Section Items for creating the list of the documents and things to pack;
- Mark what you've already done and track the trip preparation process;
- Minimalistic design and easy controls.

Try to prepare your upcoming trip with the help of Tourist Package List - you'll see how efficient it is!


Release Notes:

Bug fixes and other improvements