Toucan Search

Developer: Laurent Grandhomme

Current Version: 1.5.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Fast indexed file search application.

Video presentation (click on "Laurent Grandhomme Web Site" for a direct link):

An efficient solution for finding just about everything!

- Locate your documents, folders, music, movies and more; instantly
- Find files by name, but also by path
- Simple, easy to use and intuitive user interface
- Quick file and folder indexing
- Small resource usage
- Search options customizable to fit your needs
- Compact database
- Real time database update
- Use hotkey for on-the-spot search

Finding exactly what you need can be a long, tedious process:

- Spotlight, unlike Toucan, doesn’t index your entire computer, which is why your searches often come up short
- Other applications, while able to locate files, are very slow because they search for files by scanning your disk drive
- The locate command line utility is great, however, it requires a lot of unnecessary work on your part (locate, copy the file path and then open it)

Toucan indexes your files and folders to return results quickly.

Toucan is much more than “just” a search engine; once you find the files and folders you’re looking for, you can:

- Open
- Reveal in finder
- Open a terminal in the file’s directory
- Get info
- Quick look for preview
- Compress files/directories
- Compare files using FileMerge (needs to be installed)
- Move to trash / delete
- Copy
- Copy file names
- Copy file paths
- Copy enclosing folder paths
- Drag and drop to other applications such as, Finder, etc

Results are sortable and you can save them as xml, html and csv.

Toucan, the only search application you need on your Mac.


Release Notes:

- It is now possible to compress the selected items by either pressing cmd+Z or by selecting "compress" in the right/control click menu
- Fixed a minor bug


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5.2
Review by angrynas

Lightening fast search for local and network volumes. Excellent! - Since Spotlight cannot find files over the network, I used to use Easyfind for stuff on the NAS. Easyfind is good but slower since it does not index. After I purchased Toucan Search every other search tool became obsolete. Toucan indices local and network volumes and returns results faster than a blink, and it finds files on NAS volumes just fine. Con: I still use Easyfind as a backup for network searches because Toucan does not return new additions and changes due to its outdated index; wihile Easyfind though slower returns even the newest added files. I do not know how to get Toucan to monitors creation, deletion and renaming of files and folders more often Suggestions?.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.5.2
Review by Slartibartifast

This is a must have for Lion - Spotlight on Lion will not find the files I'm looking for 90% of the time, especially hidden files. I tell it to include system and hidden files and it mostly just ignores them. With Toucan, you can completely specify what it indexes and what it does not (i.e., drives, volumes, directories, etc.). And it is very fast e.g. I had it search for * (everything) on my SSD and it found 1.2 million files in 8 seconds. If you're doing an ordinary search, the results are effectively instantaneous. After you build your result table, you can perform a number of operations on the files it finds such as open, open containing folder, delete, and so on. The only minor problem I've found is that the blue stripes on the result table don't work on my system, but I have good reason to suspect that this is not Toucan's problem. In any event this application is worth far more than it costs. 6 stars out of five, and a round of applause for Laurent Grandhomme.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.5.2
Review by Fogview

Fast but buggy - I give this app three stars because it a good search tool but crashes hard if you try to do a Quicklook on files it doesn’t understand. When you start the app for the first time it takes about 5 minutes on my Macbook (750 GB drive) before it indexes your drive and ready for searches. The searches are fast but not up to date if you add or remove files. I didn’t see a way to force it to reindex without going to Preferences and changes the allow/exclude folders and clicking “Apply” About the crashes. If you do a search and then select a file and press the space bar, it brings up a “quicklook” of the file. This works well for pictures and movies but give it some file that it may not know about and it will totally crash the app and leave you with a crash report. This happened about 20 times in the first hour that I used it. You can reproduce the problem by doing a search for phython files (search for “.py”) and then select a file and press space — crash! It also has other problems. If you enable the warning message when you try to delete files (set in preferences), and then select multiple files and click Delete, the message box appears asking if you really want to delete the file. Pressing “cancel” or “ok” does nothing and the message box is there until you close the app and the files are not deleted. Another problem is the ability to select a number of files and right click to copy the file names, path names, or directory names to the clipboard. What you get is one long string of results instead of each entry separated with new lines.In my opinion this makes the feature useless. (I would like to paste the search results into a document.). You can select another option to save the entire search results as html, cvs, or xml. (Just don’t try to view the XML using the quicklook mode within the program or it will crash). I noticed that this app was last updated in November 2011,so I’m not sure if the author will ever fix these issues..

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.5.2
Review by Seaman362

I find all my stuff. - I have Librarys of books and movies on my Mac. With this I can start typing and titles will appear. Like Google, it will show you titles before you finish typing but its so fast... There is no loading to find titles!! Finder is no mach to Toucan Search!!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.5.2
Review by JD1k3

in my top 5 most used apps - I use it all the time to open/locate files because it is so much faster than doing so with finder/spotlight. There are many neat features and it keeps improving.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.5.2
Review by Zach W nickname

Just what I needed. - Not much more that I can add to what others have said. Works fast, works right. Thanks!

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