Developer: Kedisoft

Current Version: 2.2.11

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Please note that this is the previous version of TOTALS. Please check our website for the latest version.

Totals is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. It has been designed from scratch to use the power and beauty of the Mac OS, while making life as easy as possible for its users.

** Key Features **
Creating invoices (also recurring, discounts, sequential invoices)
User defined layouts
PDF Backdrops
Additional pages for Terms & Conditions
Add your own logo
Many dynamic fields
Tracking payments
Payments by invoices
Payments by clients
Account Statements
Reports (Payments, Documents, Built-in stock count)
PDF export and emailing (also with email templates)
Smart Folders
Write and track estimates
Reminder for overdue invoices
Flexible tax settings
Foreign currency support
Multiple businesses (multiple databases)
Inventory management
Different catalogs (also smart catalogs)
Colored items for better focusing
Inventory control by using the stock control
Import items from CSV files (also export)
Drag & drop invoice creations
Support for custom document types
Custom fields
Custom # (Number) Formatter
Client specific settings
Term of payment
Document processing (merge, convert, ...)
Automatic margin calculation

Totals is ideal for photographers, art designers, web designers, consultants, teachers, musicians, e-commerce shops, doctors, programmers, freelancers, agencies and for many other branches.

*** REVIEWS ***

"I have very specific invoicing needs. Totals 2 is the only program with the flexibility to meet my needs 100%. Support from Kedisoft has also been outstanding."
- Martin Pavion

"After working half an hour with it i must say that it is working as expected. This piece of software was the only reason that i needed Windows. But now i'm completely on MAC ;-)"
- MartinAJ

"Totals hat unseren Workflow, was die Rechnungsabwicklung betrifft, radikal vereinfacht und ins Positive geändert. Wir freuen uns auf die weiteren Releases von Totals."
- Fabian Wenninger

"Totals 2 is awesome best invoice program I have used. I had been using excel in combination with exporting to pdf to send invoices for last six years, because it gave me the best options at the time, but with Totals 2 I was able to create the same invoice, but with additional features which allowed for easy invoicing via pdf or email, archiving, tracking, reporting, and invoice recurs. The layout feature allows me the option of creating unique invoice layouts for every type of service I provide. These unique layouts save me time and money by allowing me to send each version of the invoice wether it be Sent, Paid, or Overdue to my customers."
- Richard Wakeland

"Totals is a solid solution for anyone who needs to create and then track invoices, estimates, delivery and credit notes."

"Just what I need to write invoices. The app design is very clever and I really loved the layout designer."
- MacUpdate


Release Notes:

This update addresses OS 10.9 compatibility issues.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.6
Review by Cheryl Hadrych

Wow, Pleasently Surprised! - I was looking for a simple, customizable solution, to handle my billing needs for my small business. This app is amazingly simple and easily customized. This is just what I needed and the price is very unexpected for such a quality application.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 2.0.7
Review by HHZZPP

Not impressed - I need something very simple in an invoicing program. Unfortunately this program seems to make things more confusing for me. The support isn't done well, I've read the different categories over several times and still can't make heads or tails of certain things. I'm frustrated that I wasted my money and my time trying to set this up.

Found helpful by 4 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.2.11
Review by edfoskey

Really like this for my needs - What this does that I need… 1. Allows me to directly enter client info or pull from my address book 2. Allows me to set an “inventory” of the services I provide (even allows color-coding for easy identification by category) 3. Automatic invoice counter (I do not use custom invoice numbers based on client, so I do not know how that works) 4. Tracks pending, overdue, and paid invoices 5. Tracks when invoices were delivered to clients (and by what method) 6. Editable invoices. I am not a fan of most of the pre-designed invoices (their designs do not fit my work), but the two basic invoice designs are a GREAT start to build an invoice design that I like. The weakest area, in my view, is the documentation. Though it is good, I am not a fan of having to go to the web site for help. When reading a document page, it seems to be weak in its “how to” descriptions, but I found that by reading it while doing it makes things pretty simple.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.2.11
Review by Lightglass

Wish I hadn’t bought it…. - I have had this app for a couple of months, and have not been able to produce an invoice yet…The templates for making up an invoice are not at all intuitive, and assume that the user has the background in layout to understand how to continue…I dragged and sized my logo into place, then tried to place address info right under it- the text just kept going away, Never mind about laying out columns for my invoices….Ready to abandon this program!

Found helpful by 2 out of 6 people
Version 2.2.11
Review by miamiwriter

Finally, an app worth buying. - I tried: BeanCounter, Bill, BillingsPro, Eduoard, EasyBooks, ExpressAccounts, ExpressInvoice, GrandTotal3, Injoice, Invoices, Idea Invoice, ookkeeap. I mention them to save you some money, in case you need to do what I need to do. Namely, create and track estimates and invoices. The best ones could create estimates and convert them to invoices, but they could not also track estimates won and lost. I like to track the percentage of jobs I win. FINALLY, this one can handle estimating and billing the way I need. It allows me to create and track estimates won and lost, and convert estimates to invoices, and then track payments on invoices billed. It may not have the most beautiful invoice template. but I would rather have an app that works over a pretty app that doesn’t. So, Hallelujah. Now I can finally get back to work.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people