Developer: QED Gaming PTY. Ltd

Current Version: 3.14

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 24.2 MB - Download


Take control of a surfaced submarine and use your Tigerfish torpedoes to sink the enemy ships. Just click on the screen to launch torpedoes in the direction of your cursor.
Watch out for incoming depth charges and use your canon to destroy them before they hit your sub.
Enemy ships can fire either single shots or devastating barrages, watch out for the destroyer as it can fire staccato Barrages.
Mines! Every ten seconds you can launch a mine, up to three mines can be in theatre in one go. Be Careful not to destroy your own mines with torpedoes!
Don't let too many ships escape otherwise its game over!
The game starts off with just one enemy ship but soon builds into an all our fight for survival.
Try not to let the depth charges get to close otherwise the explosions can temporarily blind you.
Use your torpedoes carefully, hit fast moving ships first to slow them down, then finish them off at your leisure.

Features of TorpedoRun:-

* Realtime 3d graphics
* 4 types of enemy ships, Super Destroyer,Destroyer, Frigate and PT boat (Mayhem Mode includes friendly ships and Aircraft)
* Particle effects
* Mines!! Deploy mines to sink those pesky ships.
* Health Drops, call for a health drop, make sure you shoot the crate for your health recharge.
* Local High-score table.
* Rank system, rise to the rank of Grand Admiral of the fleet.
*Also Available on iPad and iPhone
*iPad version is compatible with iCade for a really cool arcade experience.


Release Notes:

* Fullscreen mode added
* Parallax error on torpedo aiming fixed
* Pause mode added
* Easy mode now 'Easier'


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by Legatolizard

Addictive fun! - Similar to the arcade game "Sea Wolf".

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 3.14
Review by THE_Zephyrus

Support not supported - Clicking the “Support” link takes you to the developers website, but no support options are there. In my experience, this seems to be a fact of apps in general, unfortunately. This developer has no discernible contact page to even ask a question. All things being equal, I would give this 4 stars. It would be 5 stars, but the game is apparently programmed to create impossible situations. I enjoy a challenging, even difficult, game. But this game presents unwinnable scenarios. The biggest boats come out very close, sometimes 2 at a time, so they fill the screen. Meanwhile, fast-moving boats sail across behind them that are impossible to get. Then other times, nothing. Having addressed that annoyance, I’d still give it 4 stars because it’s ultimately a lot of fun and very addictive. However, at this point, I’m leaving 2 stars for having no actual support for the game. The only question I have for support is how do you view the local high score table? The “game features” claim there is a local high score table, but once the game is over, I can’t even see what my score was for the game I just finished, much less any local score table. Instead, I’m prompted to enter my initials, then taken to the “High Scores” table which shows what seems to me to be impossibly high scores of over 6 million. I barely cracked 2 million one time, and I was being bombarded every which way. I just want to view my local score table!!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people