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Toretino is a very simple utility to help designers and OS X developers quickly combine standard image and high-resolution image into one file for use retina displays.

For more information about Retina display for developers, Please visit apple developer site. (

Get You App Ready for High Resolution.
Retina Display will play an important role as a canvas for designers and developers. A rich visual experience can be offered to users through detailed icons and eye-catchingly appealing typography. Try out applicable works with Retina Display right now, and Toretino will help your work be completed with a higher standard of excellence.
Double the effort draws double the satisfaction
Retina Display’s High-Resolution image makes use of the “@2x” naming convention and combines with a standard image to form a single image. In order to do this, the size and resolution need to be the double of those found in a standard image, and it requires more than double the effort. However, users will find double the satisfaction in the final outcome when using this software.
But, too many resources!!!
Support for Retina Display creates too many files to easily manage, and further difficulty may come if parts of these files are lost. In particular, it is hard to manage and maintain this product in its current state of development as a paired design. Therefore, it is best to combine standard image with High-Resolution image into one file for the purposes of clarity and convenience.
This is what Toretino is here for.
Toretino is a program which combines standard and High-Resolution images into a single piece through the use of highly intuitive functions.
Just drag and drop and everything is done.
When all the preparation for Retina Display is done, simply drag and drop the files into Toretino. Files that have been dragged and dropped will then be analysed by Toretino, and it will automatically pair the corresponding standard and High-Resolution images and combine them into one image.
Notification Center Integration
Toretino is incorporated into the Notification Center in OS X 10.8. The progress/outcome of the program’s image-combining process can be checked from your desktop in real time.
Handle errors with ease
Because Toretino uses a highly intelligent method to verify the correlation between standard and High-Resolution images, any problems that occur can be easily solved with just a few clicks of the mouse.
The results of work done using this software can be shared through a variety of services. They can be shared with colleagues, not only through Twitter and Facebook, but also Messaging, Email and Air Drop.
Xcode Integration
Toretino and Xcode are of the same family of products, with the latter being under current development. Dragging and dropping the results of work done through Toretino into an Xcode project and compiling them is all that is needed to finish the preparation for Retina Display.

How does it work?

Simply drag your stand image and high-resolution image for retina displays onto Toretino window. Toretino creates a single tiff image contains standimage and high-resolution image, allowing you to drag the appropriate image to your Xcode project.


- Built for Mountain Lion
- Retina-ready artwork
- Create a single TIFF file that contains the two images for Retina displays.
- Import images from following file formats: ICNS, PNG, JPG, TIFF, PSD
- Notification Center Integration
- Sharing Service Integration
- Xcode Integration


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