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Join the 6 million+ people around the world who are accomplishing amazing things with Todoist – the beautifully simple to-do list built to help you do more and stress less. Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of your most important projects, or just remember to pay the rent, Todoist is there to give you peace of mind.

Praised as a life-changing app by The Guardian, USA Today, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Lifehacker and more, Todoist works seamlessly across 14 different platforms in 20 languages so you can stay motivated and productive no matter where you are.

“From its minimal interface to its supremely functional task management, Todoist is such a pleasure to use you might find yourself looking for extra excuses to use it.” - MacWorld

“If your goal is to spend as little time as possible organizing and more time doing, Todoist offers the simplicity you're looking for.” - iMore

Add, complete, and re-schedule tasks from your phone, tablet, desktop, browser, email, and more - even offline! With an automatic, 24/7 sync across all your devices, you’ll never lose track of your to-do list.

Keep track of your important deadlines with due dates and recurring dates. Quickly view and prioritize your tasks for the day or week ahead with visual, drag-and-drop scheduling.

Take your to-do list organization to the next level with sub-tasks, task priorities, sub-projects, and color-coded projects. Whether you practice the GTD® productivity method or just want to keep a simple list of errands,Todoist is flexible enough to handle any workflow.

Whether you’re coordinating a big project or sharing a grocery list, Todoist makes communication easy. Share projects, assign tasks, and add comments all within the app. Instant notifications will keep you up-to-date whenever changes are made.

Track, measure, and “gamify” your productivity with Todoist Karma. Accumulate points by setting and meeting weekly/monthly goals. Visualize your progress with beautiful graphs color-coded by project.

Make your to-do list even more powerful with integrations for Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Sunrise Calendar, Toggl, IFTTT, and Zapier (just to name a few).

▸ Set up and receive push notifications, email or SMS reminders based on your physical location or the date and time.
▸ Get even more organized using task notes, enhanced labels, and powerful filters.
▸ Upload files, sound recordings and photos to your tasks from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
▸ Add tasks by email and access your to-do list on your iCalendar.
▸ Track and improve your productivity with extended Todoist Karma features.
▸ And much, much more!

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We hope you love our Mac app as much as our community and our team do. Download it today and let us know what you think!


Release Notes:

The usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

Bug reports and feature ideas are always welcome! Get in touch with us anytime at, on Twitter @todoist, or


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 6.0.3
Review by Dr. G Films

Todoist helps me get things todone - I’ve tried a ton of “ToDo” apps for both Mac and iPhone that have had varying levels of complexity. I’ve often found that the higher the level of complexity in the app, the less I actually end up using it. That being said, a lot of the simpler ToDo apps just didn’t have some of the features I was looking for. Todoist seems to have struck a perfect balance between having a good number of features and keeping things simple enough so I don’t feel like I’m constantly managing my To Do list. The fact that you have to pay for certain features is kind of a bummer but for what they’re offering in the free version I’m happy. And it works great with Sunrise Calendar.

Found helpful by 39 out of 41 people
Version 6.1
Review by Yaractys

Requires an account even if you just want your data local. - The app description is EXTREMELY unclear about the fact that you need a todoist account. I should not need some cloud account to keep track of my tasks on ONE computer that has a perfectly serviceable hard drive. Yes; syncing and cloud backup is all well and good, but it is absurd that an account is necessary to even see the interface and determine whether to use the app. Regardless of whether the interface was up to snuff, I would have one more stupid account floating around that I have to keep track of, and I would have given my email away for nothing. Other companies will let you use their app without an account; you just don’t get cloud components. This, however, is just a web service in a desktop wrapper with a persistent cache that allows offline use. I would not complain as much if the app description was clear that this was the case; I simply find the ambiguity very irritating.

Found helpful by 50 out of 119 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.3.20
Review by jliberty

By FAR the best - I have tried literally half a dozen to do list applications. Some were fairly expensive. This one is BY FAR the easiest to use, and the one I find most effective. You can access the todo list on your computer or on your phone, and they integrate beautifully. The UI is clean, straight-forward and intuitive. You can add all sorts of bells and whistles, or you can use it right out of the box in its wonderful simplicity. I sprung for the Premium, and have no regrets, the price is right and the extra capabilities are worth it. Oh, and the customer service is exemplary, I got an answer to an inquiry in under an hour. All in all, this is highly recommended.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 6.3.20
Review by Cheesekeeper

Not a real native app - This review is not about the Todoist system, method, or suite of products. This is only about the Mac app. This is just the web app in a wrapper. It’s not a real web app, and it’s not going to give you a substantially improved interface over using the website. Remember the Milk does the same thing. It’s probably better than just going to the web page, but it’s not “real”. A few advantages: it provides a system service to add tasks, and it integrates into Notification Center But it’s not scriptable, it doesn’t look like a Mac app, and defies user interface conventions. “Undo/redo” doesn’t work. It’s a single-window interface. To see it done right as a Mac app, look at OmniFocus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on web or Windows.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 6.3.20
Review by BarbZ21

They BROKE a great app!!!! - I’ve been using Todoist for more than a year, and in conjunction with Evernote, it has been my core app. In one of the last few updates, the app was severely broken on my Mac. When it synced with my other devices, it broke all of those as well. This is not a minor thing: it took all of my Parent and Child tasks, and moved the children under other tasks where they did not belong. So, tasks which were under my monthly recurring task “Pay bills” are now under things which have nothing to do with bill paying (like “Schedule dentist”). It’s a complete mess! I’ve been emailing them for over a month, to no avail. I received zero response from them at first. Finally, I messaged them in FB. Now, they are responding and giving me the run around. I sent them unambiguous screenshots, and they asked me if I moved the subtasks myself!!! I recently renewed my Premium membership, and I am out that money, and last year’s payment as well, since the app is now completely unusable to me. The bottom line is this: per their support team: they will not fix this. I could manually move my sub-tasks back under the correct tasks (if I could find everything that broke), but since the underlying structure is badly broken, I have little confidence that my “fixes” will stay “fixed”. They are supposedly working on changing the parent/child structure, but could give me no expectation of when the fix would be done. STAY AWAY until they get their act together. I have wasted a ridiculous amount of my time (and money) going back and forth with them, as well as all the time I put into using the app/creating recurring tasks/setting up structure… for more than a year. I hope this helps.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 6.3.20
Review by RasmusIsThisNicknameFree

Cmd+Shift+T is a poor choice for keyboard shortcut - I can’t believe someone decided that this app should register Cmd+Shift+T as a shortcut for opening the Todoist app, that’s got to be the stupidest, most un-productive decision ever made. That someone should forever be restricted to only having a single tab open when browsing, and should not be allowed to use the “back” button in his browser, nor be permitted to use Undo/Cmd+Z in any app. Because seriously, Cmd+Shift+T to reopen the last closed tab in Chrome/Safari has about the same importance as any of the above functions when it comes to productivity. Shame on you!

Found helpful by 4 out of 11 people
Version 6.3.20
Review by nemu_

Great, but not the best. - What won me over was the ability to add to-do’s from email straight to the ToDoist app. I’ve been using this everyday at work to remain on top of what needs to be done by order of priority and day it comes in and it has proved useful. I’ve looked at other applications similar to this, but this by far has better extensions that complement the application. I do agree with some of the other reviews how the application could streamline the UI a bit better, but I’m happy with it so far. If you are curious about getting this, take a look at the platforms and extentions that it supports. If used correctly, this application could certainly prove to be very useful, more so than the others.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people