Timeline 3D

Developer: BEEDOCS

Current Version: 5.1.4

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Timeline 3D is the simplest way to create beautiful multimedia timelines.

Present historical events with Timeline 3D to reveal connections and clarify relationships. Make timeline charts of world history, family trees, fictional stories or business deadlines. Timelines help you understand and present history with new perspective!

* Present your timelines full screen and with 3D perspective
* Add images, movies, or PDFs to events
* Quickly enter events with dates and times in any global format
* Include optional information such as notes, web links, and tags
* Choose from different background themes
* Import your timelines from previous versions of Timeline 3D and Easy Timeline.
* Designed for Mac OS X Yosemite

* Print your timelines on a single page, formatted for your paper size
* Export PDFs to share your timeline with anyone
* Export movies of your animated timeline at sizes up to 4K
* Export slideshows to PowerPoint and Keynote
* Export a WebGL website to add interactive 3D timelines to your website
* These features can be purchased individually or as a complete package.

* Enable AirPlay Mirroring to view your events on your device while presenting your timeline
* On capable devices, use voice dictation to enter text and dates
* Use arrow keys to fly over events in a 3D presentation
* Use spacebar to zoom in on media files in your presentation
* Entering the date also sets the date format (for example, January 20, 2015 or 1/20/2015)
* Use iCloud or Dropbox to share timelines and media files between devices and your Mac

If you have feedback, questions, or need help solving a problem with your timeline, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected]


Release Notes:

FIXED: Automatic Event Narration for Movie Exports
IMPROVED: When new events are created, typing focus starts with event title.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.0.1
Review by Michael Zoradi

Absolutely fantastic! - Wonderfully done application. Fantastic developer support.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 5.0.1
Review by Paul B. Hartzog

Anti-creative, Ugly, Difficult, and Nonsensical - This app used to be elegant, beautiful, fun, and made you more creative. Now it is the exact opposite. 1. You used to edit in the timeline itself with background images, fonts, embedded images, and other settings. The result is that working in the application made you feel intuitively “in tune” with the creative aspect of the project you were working on. Now you have to edit events in a blank white interface that is like a stripped down Notes file or Text Editor. In addition the application controls image sizing and other settings. You might as well be writing an XML file in a text editor that the timeline would read from. 2. If you want to actually see your work you have to render it into “3D Presentation.” The separation of preparation and presentation is utterly ruinous to the creative process. Nevermind the fact that probably much of Timeline’s actual users NEVER present their timelines at all, but instead create them for personal use, like myself. Timeline used to be useful for visualizing all kinds of data, whether you ever intended to present it or not, and the VISUAL aspect of working in a Timeline visualization (as opposed to a spreadsheet) is directly related to the question of “Why am I using this app at all?” There used to be a good answer. 3. You also have to pay to be able to save your work in different formats. Again, this follows from the idea that the ‘rendered’ or ‘saved’ work is something different than the work itself. You can’t work in multiple formats and simply use Timeline to keep them all in sync. The entire philosophy of the application’s new workflow, i.e. that you should work and then render and then work and then render is reminiscent of 1970s computer applications. When working on a visual project in a visual space, like a timeline, it is ESSENTIAL to have real-time rendering of every change. I am a web application developer by profession and for years we put up with the work-then-refresh process but nowadays even web applications are built in real-time with real-time display of every change. This application is like a Neanderthal version of it’s previously evolved self. I am deeply dismayed to see one of my favorite applications of all time become a glorified Notes file with a wait-and-see-it presentation mode.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.1.4
Review by Lakewentworth

Limited an not very intuitive - I’m looking for an application with some more versatility and configurability. This is way too basic to be useful.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 5.1.4
Review by Jac 2017

Forced upgrade to a less functional product - I downloaded this new version of Timeline 3D when I upgraded to iOS Sierra — I had been using one from 2011, but that version can’t even be opened in iOS Sierra. So, I downloaded this compatible version, particularly to open projects that I created in the past. As users of the education version have commented, this new version doesn’t have a horizontal bar that marks the length of events… That’s an important feature for understanding the duration and overlap events in a timeline. Nor can you overlay multiple timelines, which also helps visualize complicated events. Also, you still can’t zoom in to see events or a smaller span of time in the 3D when your timeline spans many years by a scrolling function or zoom—the events remain tiny and unreadable. I’d be willing to pay for a version that could do those things. I’m at a loss to say anything that’s “better” about this upgraded version… Using this to visually organize information is worse that the previously helpful and useful versions. If you’re using a legacy version of Timeline 3D, be sure to export all your files in PDF or some format that isn’t dependent on Timeline 3D before upgrading to Sierra or downloading this version.

Found helpful by 12 out of 13 people
Version 5.1.4
Review by Pillar2012

This App Could Be a Lot Better!!! Especially with a $24. price tag. - This app deserves a “ C-" grade. This reminds me of a student doing the least possible work to pass an assignment! It has very little options for color, background, fonts, etc., no way to link a pdf to a file on your desktop (even Adobe Acrobat does that), no manueverability of icons while in the timeline graphic. This IS such a POOR POOR PRODUCT. I FEEL CHEATED BY A " C-" STUDENT!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 5.1.4
Review by MoModerate

Horrible downgrade from a marginally functional product to a total waste of time - First, the kudos: there isn’t a good timeline product out there, and Bee’s 3D was OK - and you could work around some limitations by printing to PDF and manipulating the PDF. But now?? You can’t see on the screen your timeline as you are creating it!! You have to work in non-graphical spreadsheet type interface - totally non-intuitive, non-graphical for a tool that is supposed to let you present your information in a graphical, intuitive format. I bought all the upgrades. Wish I would have bought a really nice bottle of wine instead.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 5.1.4
Review by Digininja33

Hangs and eats memory - This app seems to have some serious issues with MacOS 10.13. If you try to change the font, the app hangs with spinning pinwheel and starts sucking memory and slowing the whole system down. This also happened when trying to export as text. I don’t see myself paying for the in-app purchases, if the base product doesn’t function...

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people