Developer: Dalamser

Current Version: 1.7.3

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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TimePreserver is designed to do one complex task easily: making archives of your Time Machine backups stored on a Time Capsule. In keeping with Time Machine there is no complicated setup, no myriad of options. It just works.

Keeping data safe is an ever more important job for home, student and SOHO users as more precious data – from photos to term reports – is stored on computer. TimePreserver complements Time Machine/Time Capsule by creating an archive of the contents of a Time Capsule on a local hard disk. This hard disk can then be moved “offsite” to provide even greater protection.

Once the initial archive is created subsequent archives are incremental saving a great deal of time. The Time Capsule remains usable during the archive, only individual Macs are blocked from making Time Machine updates while their own backup is archived. In this way TimePreserver insures the integrity of the archived Time Machine backups from the Time Capsule, unlike generic backup applications.

TimePreserver archives can be used directly by the Mac OS Installer to restore a Mac should a disaster strike. They can also be used to restore individual files using Time Machine, or to restore a complete Time Capsule.

TimePreserver is fully compatible with archives produced by TimePreserver Lite.


Release Notes:

• Address an incompatibility between v1.7.2 and the latest systems which could cause a crash when the Keychain contained an out-of-date/invalid entry for the Time Capsule/TMS.
• On rare occasions confusing, but harmless, system dialogs could be displayed during normal TimePreserver operation. These dialogs are now surpressed.


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Version 1.7.3
Review by Rick ;-)

Crash - No Operation - App doesn’t work at all, crashes - Running macOS 10.12 and timemachine file stored on Seagate DAS. When you select Time Machine Server and your prompted for password, when password entered app crashed totally Thank you support dept for responding, this problem with your software has been going on for many updates and your delay in implimenting fixes shows a pattern that your not using your own product or paying much attention to it or its comaptibility to updates. Since I’ve not heard from you in a timely manner I’ve moved on from your product or any of your products for that matter. Customer service is that foundation to any business or product, and doing only what is convenitent for you/company does not inspire us to continue with you. Thank you and good luck.

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