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Developer: AppMaven, LLC

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Time Lapse Pro is a unique application that takes a picture of YOU daily and then compiles a movie of your daily pictures to a High-Quality Movie to see how you change over time. It's the latest sensation on the web

Check out these videos…They didn't have a software to do it easily…but now YOU do!

Example 1: http://youtu.be/xgxxxKwlra8 - MadandCrazyChile (5.5 Years in 1 Minute)
Example 2: http://youtu.be/lx605awfZf0 - Colin Pendlebury (365 Days without Haircut)
Example 3: http://youtu.be/JdiFLUjBhLc - Hugo Cornellier (5 Years in 1 Minute)
Example 4: http://youtu.be/6B26asyGKDo - Noah Kalina (6 Years in 5 Minutes)
Example 5: http://youtu.be/aU6ojtBW0Qo - Pregnancy (9 Months in 30 Seconds)

Here's how it works…

Easy Step 1: Add a Person (Yourself, Son, Daughter, Spouse, etc)
Easy Step 2: Take a Picture everyday for at least a Month (longer the better!)
Easy Step 3: Create a Movie and Upload it directly to YouTube

Thats it… Now that was easy!

Time Lapse Pro can be used to capture your memories for yourself, your spouse and you together, your Kids as they grow older…even your Parents!

Teachers: Use Time Lapse Pro Pro to add all your kids for the whole year and let them take a new pic each time they have computer time!

Requirements: Need iSight Camera on your Mac.

##### FEATURES #####
+ EXCLUSIVE: Unique Application Designed Specifically for only this Task.
+ EXCLUSIVE: Create & Manage Multiple People with their own Time Lapsed Photos and Movies. Great for Classrooms!
+ EXCLUSIVE: Import your own Photo's you have been taking over the years…No need to start Fresh.
+ EXCLUSIVE: Add Title Slides to Your Movies to give that Professional Finish. Adjust Duration, Color and Fonts!
+ EXCLUSIVE: Add a Short Date or a Long Date Caption to each Photo in your Movies.
+ EXCLUSIVE: Create HD quality movies in 720p using only your iSight Camera.
+ EXCLUSIVE: Upload Directly to YouTube (You must have an YouTube account to Upload Videos)
+ EXCLUSIVE: Daily Photo Reminder, just in case you don't remember to take a picture everyday…We'll remind you!

+ Quick Start Tutorial - Most apps just leave it to you for figuring them out...
+ Quick Pic Mode is available
+ Non-Intrusive…Stays out of your way in the Top Status Bar (unless its reminding you to take a Picture.)
+ Technical Support Offered 7 days a week via Email - All Emails answered within 24 hours, many time usually within Hours for all of our Products.

Note: We would appreciate it if you add the Time Lapse Pro tag when uploading to YouTube so we can find the ones our customers do!


Release Notes:

+ Latest OS Compatibility
+ Fixed Movie Making
+ Brighter Pictures


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Xoedusk

Could definitely be improved - First off, the application works and does what it says. The interface is pretty straightforward, but there are some missing key features and some very basic application behaviors that could use improving. The worst part is that there is no reminder feature anywhere. The description of the app states/stated that the app will remind you, but so far I can't seem to find it anywhere. The app lives in the menu bar of OS X as described. I like this because it's out of the way yet easily accessible. However, when activating the app (by clicking the menu bar icon and selecting Open), the app very often opens behind other applications. This "feature" is made even worse by the fact that there is no dock icon for it, even when you open it. So, to actually play around with the app, you have to hide your currently-open applications or do some Expose/Mission Control/whatever trick. When I hit Command+Q in an app that's designed to live in the menu bar, I expect the window to disappear but the menu bar icon to stay in its place. This does not happen. Instead, both the application window and the menu bar icon disappear, forcing me to manually open the application (from Launchpad, Spotlight, /Applications, etc.). Another minor issue is that when hovering over the menu bar icon, the name that pops up in the ToolTip does not match the name of the application. It seems the author changed the name some time ago but didn't change all instances of the name. This application definitely needs a little polishing. Finally, I can't find a way to manually open or change the reminder feature of the app. I want to set the time of day that the reminders happen, but there is simply no way to do it. This app feels more like a beta and less like a 1.0. I'm hoping these issues are fixed quickly. The author has not set up a website for the app nor is there a contact me feature anywhere. If you poke around you can see a "Coming Soon" website, but this doesn't help. I say hold off on purchasing until these issues are addressed.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people