Time Calculator

Developer: Teofilo Vizcaino

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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This is the simplest app to make your time calculations. Install and open the app and start to add and subtract days, hours, minutes and seconds. What date-time will be in the next 23 days 13 hours 15 minutes?. Press the "Now" button and add the days, minutes, hours and seconds you want. You don't need to configure anything.

Other things you can do:
- How many minutes are 280 seconds?. Type 280s and press twice the "=" sign. You will get 4m 40s
- How many time has passed from 9:23 AM yo 2:32 PM?. Type 14h32m - 9h23m and you will get 5h 9m 0s
- Press the calendar button to add and subtract days, hours, minutes and seconds to any date
- Store answers in memory
- Save reminders and calendar events just from within the app (Right Click on the answer in the calculator screen)


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Version 1.0.1
Review by [email protected]

Time Calculator Bug - Application will not start

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

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Version 1.0.1
Review by Bone +2, +3 vs Yorkies

needs more features - I was hoping to find something to add up a long list of time in minutes and seconds. While this app does it, the fact that I would have to enter it as "1m 5s" as opposed to simply "105" makes this way more work than it should be. Perhaps the addition of different "input modes" would be great. I have a widget that does this brilliantly, but was hoping for an app so I could have it share the same screen with other apps that have my list of numbers...

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Moovvv

Gets the job done, but lots of room for improvement - First off, thanks for putting in the time to put together this app. It makes my life just a bit easier, though it could be easier still. Improvements I’d like are: 1. Numeric keypad support for +, * (multiply), and clear. Strangely, - and = work on the keypad but the others don't. I have no need for division support (/) for my time calculations, but who knows? Perhaps someone else does. 2. As one other mentioned, entering 13215 is easier than 1h32m15s. 3. A decimal point is included with your calc, yet there is no support for decimal hours. Example: To figure out when I will reach 40 hours after clocking in at 7:26 on Friday morning, I have to subtract what my timeclock indicates that I had logged at end of Thursday, 32.92 hours from 40, but I need a different calculator to first convert 60m x .92 into 55m, because this calc doesn’t understand decimal hours, nor will it do basic math (which I don’t count against in my rating since this is a time calc, not a basic math calc, but I wouldn’t need to if decimal hours were recognized). This point does however prove the need for the h button at least, so 40h - 32.92h = 7h5m. 7h26m (start time) + 7h5m (time left till 40h) = 14h31m or 2:31pm. 4. Related to #3, as long as decimal hours are supported, should be an option to choose hms results or decimal hours, or have the calc always display both styles in the results. I’ll post these comments to support as well and hope my recommendations are considered, or I would if the website and the support links didn’t go to a dead site. Oh well, guess these requests' likelihood of being added has just dropped substantially.

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