Developer: Sándor Gazdag

Current Version: 1.4.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Tiempo is a lightweight clock with a full featured pomodoro timer. It resides in your statusbar and dock. It's main strength that it will not nag You with interaction demanding popups. It's just signals when a cycle has ended. It is easy to handle and to configure the application with the app menu which resides in the status bar and in the main menu.

Main features:
- clock
- full featured pomodoro timer
- color modes for the dock icon

Future versions may include:
- The statistics of Your daily pomodoros.


Release Notes:

Volume settings fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by jacksondonaghy

Has potential but . . . - First, its not immediately clear what the different colors mean, and can be confusing at first. Second, there should be a way to see digitally how much time is left. Third, there should be some shorter pomodoro times available as many people do a 15/5 pattern, or some other combination. At this point, I can't really use it confidently.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.1
Review by Lendolion

Love-Hate Affair - Pros: - It’s minimal - It’s simple - Has a few helpful options here and there such as directly increasing/decreasing session/break time (useful for interruptions). Cons: - When session time is increased/decreased the sessions/breaks counter gets messed up and starts from 0 — it should REMEMBER which session I’m currently in, not reset everything over (a MAJOR flaw) - No internal keyboard shortcuts (I’m aware I could set this myself, but why should I?) All in all, good for the start but I think the author could look deeper into it.

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