Developer: Ralph Moser

Current Version: 1.3.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Tagging at its best combined with an appealing 3D document browser.

Ten good reasons why you could be interested in Thouggle. Did you ever ask yourself …

1. … why it is so difficult to organize your documents in a rememberable form?

2. … why you cannot access any of your documents with just a couple of clicks?

3. … why you cannot easily preview and access any kind of documents in one application, no matter what library they are located in?

4. … why you cannot keep together what belongs together, no matter if the documents are stored in the cloud, on the web or on your computer?

5. … why you cannot use your document organization in iPhoto, iTunes, the AddressBook or any other library to find and access any of your documents instantly?

6. … why most of the document organization tools copy your documents to their own library making it impossible to have one master file that can be accessed from everywhere?

7. … why you cannot easily browse through your web bookmarks seeing the current web content right away?

8. … why you cannot star rate any kind of documents like you can with photos or sound tracks?

9. … why you cannot sort or access your documents in your own prioritized way?

10. … why most of the document browsers present the documents in a static table even though the human brain is very efficient in analyzing moving objects in 3D space?

Thouggle is the answer to all of these questions, and even more…

Thouggle just adds another layer of organization to your Mac. Your existing document organization on the file system and in your libraries is not touched at all. No files are duplicated or moved. If you rename or move a file in the Finder, that is also linked in Thouggle, Thouggle keeps track of it.

With Thouggle you can join together any kind of documents as "Thoughts", no matter where they are stored and make them accessible just the way you think. Never search any document anymore, just enter your Thought, optionally sort or filter the found documents and there you are.

Thouggle also let's you reuse all your thoughts you have already put into the organization of your documents. Import all photo projects and albums, music playlist and albums, AddressBook groups, Safari bookmark folders or any folder hierarchy on the file system as Thoughts to Thouggle.

Thouggle has been highly optimized for thousands of Thoughts and ten thousands of linked files and makes your documents accessible in a blink.


Release Notes:

Thouggle Release 1.3.2 --------------------------------------------------

Release 1.3.2 is mainly a bug fixing release with improvements in performance and usability. The data store is migrated (new format for file locations) at the first start of the Release 1.3.2., which will take some time, if the data store has a lot of entries.


1. The metadata system (Thoughts, ratings, notes of a file) is self-repairing meaning that unintended metadata lost on the file system is repaired with the entries in the data store. Unintended metadata lost can occur, when files are edited with other applications (e.g. Adobe applications delete all metadata on a file before the application writes its own metadata to the file).

2. Documents can now also be removed (unlinked) from a Thought in preview mode. The update of the view with the remaining documents is handled correctly as well as the selection.

3. Packaged file types and applications can be imported and linked to Thoughts.

4. The file import has been optimized to linkable files only. To link a file to a Thought, the user needs read/write access on that file. Therefore only files with these access rights are imported.


1. Bug fixed, that in some cases delivers to many files when a search for all linked files of a Thought is performed. The data store is migrated to new file location format at the first start of Release 1.3.2.
2. Import performance drastically improved. Even very large libraries or folders can be imported now in a very reasonable time.
3. SmartThoughts without a search definition return no documents anymore (until now those SmartThoughts returned all documents).
4. Documents filter improved and enhanced.
5. The selection is updated correctly after removing documents from a Thought.
6. Data store cleanup improved. Thoughts without any linked document are removed when application is closed.
7. Some data store requests have been accelerated.

And more...