Thermo Watch for Nest®

Developer: Marko Radakovic

Current Version: 1.8

Last Updated: 11 days ago

Download Size: 32.3 MB - Download


Apple Mac and Nest Learning Thermostat. Together in perfect harmony.

Thermo Watch offers the quickest, most intuitive way of controlling your Nest Thermostats:
• Click on the menu bar, with the ambient temperatures preview, to open the app popout. All your thermostats are listed there, ready to be controlled.
• Swipe to open the notification center, and the thermostats are displayed in the widget. Again, you can start adjusting the moment the Widget appears.

Temperature values in the menu bar update instantly and continuously, to reflect the ambient temperatures reported by your thermostats, without having to open the app. Any time you change the temperature, you will hear a chime that confirms the thermostat has received, and applied your command. At home or outside - control from anywhere you have the internet access.

The app supports multiple thermostats in multiple homes. Fahrenheit and Celsius are supported, with correct half-degree setting for Celsius.

You can also switch between the heating, cooling, or heat/cool modes, set the Away status, or turn the fan on and off.

Make sure to sign in with your main Nest account. At this time, Nest doesn't allow support for Family accounts in 3rd party apps.

While the app's minimalist looks betray the simplicity of its operation, what they don't show is the amount of planning, design, development and refinement that went into it, ensuring it becomes something that is enjoyable to use and experience.

The goal was to make a product that would feel like it truly belongs to both the macOS, and Nest ecosystems.

Please Note: Thermo Watch does not collect any of your data. Your login information, thermostat settings, and any activity - all of it flows exclusively between your Mac, your thermostat, and Nest Labs. Author of Thermo Watch has no access to any of it, at any point.


Release Notes:

+ Users who have more than 5 thermostats can now scroll through the list. Thanks to Todd for noticing this problem, and pointing it out!
+ Confirmation sound can now be enabled or disabled in the settings.
• Thermostats are now sorted alphabetically. As a side effect, this provides a way to reorder the thermostats in the list. If they are renamed, they can be pushed up or down the list.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Whattheheckisthis

Finally a Nest menu bar interfce that works very well... - Been using the app for a few days. It works as described. The room temperature display resides in the menu bar. Clicking on the display reveals a drop down menu that displays each thermostat in a colorful ring with the ability to raise or lower the temperture inside of the app. When the temp is changed, there is an audible confirmation that the thermost responded to the change request.. its a nice touch. The app also lists the HVAC system status , ambient room temputture, humidily and therostat name. There is also a selection for Heat/Cool and Home/Away modes. It’s a simple, yet effective design. The devoloper is easy to reach and responds quickly. Definitely worth the money.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.5
Review by machine3

Nice but no schedule access - Nice app but can’t access the shedule if i want to make changes

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.8
Review by Goofyhoofy

Good enough for me - Not nearly as full featured as the iOS app for phone and pad, but good enough for control from the desktop. Uses the same “gear” icon for a deep dive, except here it only controls the screen motif, not the functionality of the thermostat. Still, a worthwhile addition and I am happy with it.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people