TheSupporter : Colony Evacuation

Developer: Ting Wang

Current Version: 2013.5.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 22.4 MB - Download



VIPs on the colony LV-421 require evacuation to the nearest planetside shuttleport, as a result of civil uprising occurring within the colony. As a Remote Supporter, it is your job to direct the evac ship’s movement and utilize the supplied countermeasures to effectively neutralize enemy forces to assist the mission of the evac shuttle as is moves below radar level towards its destination.


Movement is performed with the WASD keys.


Press either the Q, E or right mouse button to open the abilities menu. Select up to three abilities and deploy them with the left (primary) mouse button.
Left (primary) mouse button is dedicated to deploying general weapons and abilities when they are loaded.


Music is toggled by the "m" key.