The Hit List

Developer: Karelia Software LLC

Current Version: 1.1.31

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 5.7 MB - Download


Powerful, flexible and simple task management that is a pleasure to use, The Hit List can handle personal tasks and professional projects. Use it with The Hit List for iPhone v2.3 (available on the iOS App Store) which includes The Hit List for Apple Watch and enjoy fast, reliable sync service included with the purchase of the app.

It is as easy to use as making lists.

Neutralize chaos, and recapture your time and focus. Your life is complicated enough as it is. The tool to manage your life shouldn't be. The Hit List keeps things simple by not forcing you to learn a system. It can be as simple as just keeping a list of things to do as you would on a piece of paper. However, if you do use a task management system such as Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Hit List is flexible enough to support you.

Capture and forget what you need to do later with The Hit List and get your "now" back, with confidence.

The Hit List includes sync service to sync with The Hit List for iPhone and The Hit List for Apple Watch (sold separately on the iOS App Store) or other Macs.


Release Notes:

• Switch to Apple Push Notification service to receive automatic sync notifications
• Speed up full sync by sending more objects at once
• Save and sync more frequently when changes are made
• Fix there being two "Enter Full Screen" menu items


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.3
Review by Daniel Kwan

A far better to-do app - I'd tried (and spent money on) many other to-do apps while The Hit List was in beta, due to its lack of a mobile app back then, but kept coming back to it. No other app makes adding and viewing tasks as quick and easy as THL. What makes THL different: • There's a keyboard shortcut for just about everything, even W/A/S/D to move a task up/left/down/right. (Moving a task to the right makes it a sub-task of the task above it.) • Adding tags and contexts to a task is done by typing a / or @ before a word. E.g., "Write review for THL. /hobby @home" • A task can have a START date in addition to a DUE date. (Most apps have just due date.) This is incredibly handy in many subtle ways. • The "Today" and "Upcoming" views are better designed than most other apps. For instance, in the "Today" view, I see what's due today, what's due in the next 3 days, what tasks are in progress but not due yet (an example of where start dates come in handy), etc. And they're all laid out in a way that's easy to review. • You're not required to do things a certain way in THL. While many other to-do apps have that same claim, I find THL to be a lot more flexible. You don't need to learn a new system — you can use it any way you want and adapt as you see fit. E.g., I started out using lots of lists and folders; nowadays I use a couple "Smart Folders" and heavily rely on tags and contexts. Update: iPhone app is released and the two sync perfectly through THL's cloud sync service.

Found helpful by 37 out of 40 people
Version 1.0.6
Review by nofollow

Unbelievably, No Global Search! - I bought this, The Hit List iPhone app, and a year's worth of Hit List sync. I have also bought the whole Things kit and the whole OmniFocus kaboodle (IPad versions tor those latter two, too). The Hit List has so much promise. It is elegant, impressive. It has most of what most people would need, and could be the perfect compromise between the sometimes-excruciating thoroughness of OmniFocus, and the bare-bones simplicity of Things--"could" being the operative word here. Why? No. Global. Search. Not on either The Hit List version (as of today). How global search did NOT make it as an obvious, basic, core function (given how well almost the rest of the The Hit List system is executed) is something I simply can't begin to understand. It was enough to drive me back to OmniFocus. On the bright side, The Hit List inspired me to gut my whole OmniFocus setup to start over, and the result is the very best GTD setup I've so far used--elegant, simple, yet thorough. My new OmniFocus setup is what The Hit List is, save for The Hit List's unfathomable omission of global search--an obvious function; an absolutely critical function. With global search, this would be a four-star (maybe a five-star) review of The Hit List. Alas, this omission is *so* egregious that a one-star rating is the best I can give (especially at the price). The Hit List *could* be great. But it is one very giant step away from that, as it is today.

Found helpful by 85 out of 127 people