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Learn all about Filters from synthesist Marc Doty and support the educational activities of the Bob Moog Foundation all at the same time...

If Oscillators generate sound, then do Filters degenerate sound? Find out in this third course in the 6-part series on the Foundation of Synthesis that is all about Filters and Subtractive Synthesis. Bob Moog Foundation lead educator, Marc Doty, introduces you to the basic concepts of sound filtration. You’ll learn about cut-off frequencies, resonance and see every resulting waveform displayed on an Oscilloscope.

Filters are some of the most important devices in the synthesists tool box. They give sounds their unique characteristics. They allow the synthesist to sculpt the sound to reveal the hidden sonic qualities deep inside. Learn all about the different kinds of filters and how they are actualized by the designers of great hardware synths. Learn how these filter designs are, in many respects, what makes one synthesizer sound uniquely different from another!

Throughout this series Marc demonstrates the science of sound with informative animations and hands-on demonstrations of his collection of classic synths from many different designers! It’s great to see how these fantastic instruments deploy their sonic technologies.

Bob Moog was an early pioneer and inventor of voltage controlled analog synthesizers. He revolutionized the music industry and his ideas, inventions and musical instruments have dominated the sound of music for more than 30 years. Aside from being an innovator, Dr. Bob was an outspoken advocate of education. The Bob Moog Foundation, created by his daughter, Michelle Moog-Kousa, continues his legacy with Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of his inventions and the development of the Moogseum – the only museum of its kind dedicated to the advancement of sonic education. We hope you will help support the BMF's efforts by watching these courses with the knowledge that a large portion of the proceeds go to support their awesome efforts!

So sit back, boost the bass control, and proceed on your journey into the Foundation of Synthesis with Marc Doty, and the Bob Moog Foundation. Be sure to watch all 6 of the BMF's courses on filters, modulation, oscillators and more!

Table of contents:

1. The Filter Introduction
2. The Filter on an Oscilloscope - Part 1
3. The Filter on an Oscilloscope - Part 2
4. The Filter Cutoff Frequency
5. The Filter Cutoff Frequency on a Moog Voyager
6. Filter Resonance
7. Filter Self-Oscillation
8. Filter Resonance on the ARP 2600
9. Filter Resonance on the Moog Voyager
10. Filter Resonance affected by Envelope
11. Serial Resonance on the Moog Voyager
12. Multimode Filter: The High Pass Filter
13. Multimode Filter: The Band Pass Filter
14. The Filter and "Keyboard" Control Voltage
15. Envelope applied to the Filter on the Moog Minimoog
16. Envelope applied to the Filter on the ARP 2600
17. The Filter modulated by the Low Frequency Oscillato...
18. The Filter modulated by the Low Frequency Oscillato...
19. Filter Modulation on the Moog Voyager - Part 1
20. Filter Modulation on the Moog Voyager - Part 2
21. Filter Modulation on the ARP 2600 - Part 1
22. Filter Modulation on the ARP 2600 - Part 2


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