The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

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Last Updated: 2 months ago

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Face your Destiny!

In Andergast, whose inhabitants are considered to be notoriously superstitious, King Efferdan awaits a state visit from high-ranking dignitaries. For centuries the kingdom has been at odds with neighboring Nostria, but now first steps are being undertaken toward a lasting peace. But a plague of crows troubles the king, for the birds are acting with unusual aggressiveness, even attacking humans. Moreover, there are those among the citizens of Andergast who swear that the crows are bringing them dark nightmares. As the belligerent creatures infiltrate even the castle itself, the king seeks a skilled bird catcher - an opportunity for young Geron to prove that the reputation for ill luck that has followed him since childhood is undeserved. Following an audience with the king, the prestigious task is assigned to him. However, not only does his task prove unexpectedly difficult, but it also turns out to be the first step of the greatest adventure of his life, which will lead him to the borders of the charted lands of Aventuria and beyond.

With a history of more than 25 years, The Dark Eye is one of Europe's best-known role-playing brands. In addition to the popular pen & paper adventures, TDE has also inspired a series of successful computer games. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav immerses players deep in the world of Aventuria, where they experience an amazing story and explore lands never before featured in a TDE computer game.

Key Features:
- An epic fantasy soundtrack, as well as high-quality voiceovers to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.
- Dive into the fantastic world of Aventuria and experience an epic adventure, written by experienced authors of the popular pen and paper fantasy role-playing game The Dark Eye.
- From the makers of "A New Beginning" and "The Whispered World".


Release Notes:

Stability improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Review by Ken Anderson

Fun! - I'm very much enjoying this adventure game after playing it for about 30 minutes. Good puzzles, good story, and interesting characters! Runs great on a Retina Macbook Pro.

Found helpful by 23 out of 28 people
Review by mac-o-phile

Nearly Six Gigs & Very Disappointed - After waiting on a VERY LOOOONNNGGGG download, I was eagerly looking forward to immersing myself in what I hoped would be a long & involved adventure. I was disabused of that hope in less than 5 minutes: The game took forever to launch. When it DID finally come up, the sound was permanently set on staccato -- every syllable, note or sound was broken up, staticky and incredibly annoying. The visuals were just as problematic -- every little move was jerky & very slow... I decided to try closing everything else on my Mac to see if it cleared things up, but that very act ruined everything to the point of FUBAR: I was able to close the window to access my other applications, but when I came back to the barely-started game, I couldn't bring up the game window -- all I had left was the few choices in the menubar, but the game would not respond or show the window... So, in a final bid to regain control, I did a complete shutdown & tried to launch again to the same menubar sans window problem. I tried to clear my RAM, reload the file, etc... BUT nothing... So, I'm contacting Apple for a refund. I will say this, it still looks like an intriguing game (and most of the other reviewers would agree). I'm hoping the problem was with me trying to play the game on my 3y.o. MacBook Air 2.1 (2.13gHz, running Mavericks). I may try it again sometime in the future AFTER I buy a new Mac, which may not be for another year or two at most. So, I would recommend not trying this game out UNLESS your Mac is more recent than mine.

Found helpful by 1 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Review by Ghielschutter Froebert

Beautiful Paintings and Good Voice Acting - I discovered this game by random chance and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know anything about the story at all going into it. The illustrations are the real star of the show here, absolutely gorgeous digital paintings. The animation is largely 2D graphics as well which is a wonderful change of pace if you’ve played a lot of 3d games. The scenes are broken up into different planes which move independently on pans and various elements inside are animated. It’s a really nice look. There are narrative segments which switch to a different art style, which I didn’t care for, but it’s not too bad. Although I had trouble getting into the story at first I do like the fact that the game takes itself seriously and that there’s really no humor, no “winking" to the player and no breaking of the fourth wall. I had the same problems I have when playing any adventure game, but the puzzles don’t usually have solutions that make no logical sense. Well, logical within a fantasy universe that is. However, the game does feature the Wilhelm Scream not once, but twice. I think this is unforgivable. I wish people would stop using that sound entirely, it’s not funny or clever and only serves to take you out of the story. I would have rated the game 5 stars but the use of Wilhelm takes one off. The only other problem is that by default "HD video” is disabled and I made the mistake of not checking the settings before I played. Consequently, the video cutscenes looked absolutely horrible. Make sure that HD video is turned on. The video parts are very few throughout the game, however. The voice acting is very good and as I said, it’s all played straight with no sarcasm. One thing I found odd with this game is that there seemed there was no way to fail. You either figured out the puzzle or you got stuck indefinitely. It’s been awhile since I’ve played an adventure game of this type, so maybe that’s how they all are, but I thought it was strange. There are times in the game where doing something foolish would indeed have gotten the character killed, but it just never happens. So the game is extremely linear in that regard. Chains of Satinav was a great game and I’d definitely recommend it. At the price you can’t go wrong. I will be checking out other games in this series or from this publisher for sure.

Found helpful by 4 out of 7 people
Review by HermanRamone

Superb adventure - If you love point and click you will love this game. The dark eye is a popular pen&paper role playing game in Europe and I played was playing it with some friends some years ago. Unfortunately they don’t sell it in the US. At least there are some great computer games like this. You should also look out for a title called Drakensang, which is unfortunately not sold at the mac app store.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Review by Tessa M(:

One of My Favorite Point-Click Adventure Games of ALL TIME! - I enjoy this series (This one and Memoria) WAY too much. I liked this story well enough, but the one after this is even better! I fell in love with the characters (Nuri especially!); I felt for poor, social reject Geron; I also liked the different environments (the places Nuri and Geron traveled to) and the beautiful concept art! People are so talented! The ONLY downside to this was that I had to look up how to solve everything… This game REALLY makes you stop and think, and if you can’t figure something out—without cheating—it may take you many weeks (maybe even a month or so) to figure it out. It’s incredibly difficult, but it is TOTALLY worth it! I am SO ANXIOUS to see what the masterminds behind Daedalic Entertainment GmbH comes out with next!! I would buy it RIGHT AWAY if it’s anything like "The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav” & “Memoria.” I REALLY hope they continue this series and create a game about Sadja next!! I have NEVER been so obsessed with a PC game as much as I am with CoS & Memoria!!!

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people