Textual 6

Developer: Codeux Software, LLC

Current Version: 6.0.12

Last Updated: 6 months ago

Download Size: 7 MB - Download


Textual 7, the next generation of the app, is now available!

Search for "Textual 7" in the search field to download it.

Textual 6 remains listed in the Mac App Store to allow users the opportunity to download version 6.0.12.

If you accidentally buy Textual 6 in its current state, no problem. You can upgrade to Textual 7 for free.


Release Notes:

Changes in version 6.0.12:
• Fixed a crash that may occur when running Textual on OS X Mountain Lion.

Textual 7
Textual 7, the next generation of the app, is now available as a paid upgrade.

You may be eligible for free or discounted upgrade; depending on when you purchased the app.

To learn more about this upgrade: launch version 6.0.12 or go to this webpage:

If you choose not to upgrade, then please take note of the following:

• Your purchase of Textual 6 will not disappear. You can continue using it.
• Textual 6 will no longer receive maintenance updates after this update.
• Textual 6 will continue to receive security updates until September 2018.
• Textual 6 will continue to receive technical support until September 2019.

Mountain Lion End of Life
Version 6.0.12 is the last version of Textual to support OS X Mountain Lion.

If you recently purchased Textual 6 and use OS X Mountain Lion, then you are eligible for a refund in full.

For assistance requesting a refund, contact [email protected] or use the form located at contact.codeux.com.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.0.0
Review by Nullsign

Texual 5.0 rocks! stop reading and get the upgrade now! - I had only recently begin using Textual a few months ago, so I was initially on the fence on whether it was worth paying for the upgrade so soon in my case. However, I can say to everyone that it was well worth the $5 to get the latest and greatest of what is by far, the best IRC client for OSX. Seriously, just buy it already and support a great developer who seems to be the only IRC client developer for OSX who understands people want a clean, simple interface - which can be extended by the amazing feature set built into the product. Personally, I use it as my goto client for my ZNC daemon on my server; it connects cleanly to my ZNC proxy and works flawlessly. TLDR: It’s 5 dollars, it rocks, just buy it already!

Found helpful by 7 out of 9 people
Version 5.2.3
Review by fordracerguy

Saddened - I am troubled with this update. I just spent $5 on an “upgrade”. First off, my old Textual settings were lost. Dozens of channels, servers, and preference settings gone. Why make us pay for an upgrade? This is old school desktop application thought process. The way App Stores work is that upgrades should be free for life. I am a developer, so I understand your thought processes slightly. However, think of work you put into the product as reasons why future customers would purchase your app over an alternative. Your hard work isn’t for nothing. Also, why does this application create a folder in my Applications folder called Textual IRC client? If I move the application out of this folder, the App Store no longer registers the app as being installed. Lastly, I can’t honestly see a huge difference in the UI...

Found helpful by 4 out of 16 people