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Developer: Lomation

Current Version: 2.0.7

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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** Note to existing users: Teacher Studio 2 is a complete rewrite from the ground up using lessons learned from previous versions. This new release also includes the many feature requests that we have received from teachers around the world. Teacher Studio 2 is literally a new app. As our way of saying "Thank You" for your patience, feedbacks and suggestions, this new version is a free upgrade for all existing users. Please be aware that Teacher Studio 2 is not backwards compatible with older 1.x versions. Do not upgrade if you are currently and actively using Teacher Studio 1.x.


Teacher Studio 2 was created by a teacher to help other teachers manage their classrooms efficiently so they can focus on what matters most -- teaching. Teacher Studio 2 is the only Mac software that has all of the different "modules" under one roof. Teachers no longer have to purchase separate software (with each costing just as much or more than Teacher Studio 2) from different vendors to manage their daily administrative tasks. But most importantly, teachers no longer have to deal with the impossible task of making all these different software "talk" to each other. With Teacher Studio 2, everything is under one roof. Managing daily classroom administrative tasks has never been easier.

Included Modules:

Desktop - gives teachers a quick view of activities for the day such as due items, lesson plans and class health. There's even a built-in calendar module to help teachers stay organized.

Gradebook - flexible, self-definable grading systems. We learned that there are literally hundreds of different grading systems around the world, including the ever popular "standards-based" grading system in the USA.

Schedule - flexible scheduling, daily, weekly, fortnights, once a month -- no problem.

Attendance - recording attendance has never been simpler. Select the class, find the student and check!

Students - contains student information, including the ability to write logs/blogs for each student (3 log types: teacher, parent and student). Keep a journal of the student's progress. Log parent calls. Write down your thoughts.

Seating - easily create a representation of your students' seating arrangements. Just create objects and drag students around. Use a picture or stick with name plates.

Reports - generate reports quickly and save report settings for future use. Select the report type, give it a date range (great for quarters/semesters) and press the "run" button.



If you have any bugs to report, please visit our website and use our forms. We rarely check for bug reports in the customer reviews below since we can't respond to them.


Release Notes:

New - added a delete button to the student picture in the student module to reset/remove the existing picture.

Fix - the desktop can crash when showing the class information if the selected date is not set correctly in globals module.

Fix - when editing a student, a hard crash can occur if the pointer to the student id is out of bounds.
Fix - the weekview calendar on the desktop is too aggressive when Auto Calendar is turned on, resulting in class information not showing up under certain conditions.

Fix - the plan viewer and the notes section in the student module had incorrect encodings.

Fix - when saving students who does not have a picture, the small icon in the student list has a thick outer outline.

Fix - when using just name plates in the seating module, long student names are displayed incorrectly (goes beyond name plate).

Fix - student names in lists are often out of order.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.264
Review by roockie1

Excellent!!!! - I really like it!!! useful!! A+++++++

Found helpful by 6 out of 26 people
Version 1.4.293
Review by Nessercake

All my work...lost - I am homeschooling my kids. I needed something to keep track of lesson plans, days attended, curriculum used, etc. I was keeping everything in a various combination of ical, notebooks, and onenote. I was wanting to put it all in one place. When I did the "build the calandar" function, not only did it reorganize my calandars in ical, it deleted my lesson plans, and didn't even enter the subjects into the program as classes properly. This may function well for others who aren't homes schooling, I do not know, but I will be looking elsewhere. Sorry I wasted my money and hours and hours of my time.

Found helpful by 58 out of 75 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.7
Review by Speed4race

Okay - Almost Good - I like it. It sounds like it has made great strides since the first version - which I never owned. It is a little tricky to figure out initially, but once I got the hang of how to enter information it went a lot smoother. Only, I teach 5th grade and I think this is designed more for HS teachers. The attendence module wants me to enter attendance for every subject rather than the whole day. I finally got around to entering lesson plans. I like the process, but wanted to edit a plan I had entered and couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I ended up deleting the lesson and retyping it. I also can’t figure out if it is possible to view my lessons after they are entered in a window larger than the one the desktop module allows. I also don’t think there is a feature to print the lesson plans. I am a highly visual person and would like to see them on paper once I’ve entered them. Plus I need to have a hard copy submitted to my principal incase I am unexpectedly out. I suppose I could copy and paste in to Pages and then print, but then I might as well type them in Pages to begin with. I really like the grade book module and that I have all my student infomation in one place. That almost makes it worth the almost $50 you spend on the app, but not quite.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0.7
Review by cdownes

I wish I could rate it on 2 different things - As far as the program itself, I like it a lot. It is fairly easy to understand. For the program, I would rate it 4 stars. For support, I would rate it 0 stars. I have been trying to contact them about either a flaw in the program OR I can't figure out how to get it to work when it comes to extra credit assignments. When I set up an extra credit assignment by checking the appropriate check box, I expect the program to give the extra points to the kids who did it and ignore the other kids. However, it gives the kids who did it a grade and flunks everyone who didn't . That doesn't work! I've contacted them by email on their website several times, but have received NO ANSWER! I cannot find the answer on the website, so I am stuck and UNHAPPY. Otherwise, I love the program. If I ever get an answer, I will post it here.

Found helpful by 24 out of 26 people
Version 2.0.7
Review by Zuly1619

needs improvement - everytime i try to create a class to every other week it puts it back to weekly not able to choose another option, other than that is a great app.

Found helpful by 11 out of 13 people
Version 2.0.7
Review by el cid7930

never worked - never worked horrible product, stole my money

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people