TTA Plan

Developer: BonePixel

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Tibial Tuberosity Advancement to manage Cranial Cruciate Deficiency in Canine and Feline patients was devised by Slobodan Tepic and Pierre Montavon. The goal of Tibial Tuberosity Advancement in Cruciate Deficient patients is to achieve a ninety degree post operative relationship between the Straight Patellar Tendon and the Common Tangent of the Femorotibial Joint at the normal standing angle of the patient. Planning for surgery means planning to achieve this outcome. This Application gives the Surgeon a quick, easy and accurate method to achieve this outcome. Warnings will appear if the results of the planning raise potential risks or indicate a problem with the planning.
The plan details can be printed as a report with pre operative and planning radiographs or e mailed as a PDF.
Designed and coded by Andy Torrington, the workflow is based on many years experience using the TTA technique and lecturing on the benefits of accurate and thorough planning.
The surgeon can check the accuracy of the outcome by auditing their post operative patients to assess whether the ideal Advancement has been achieved and thereby learn from each surgery.
The Application is for Veterinary use.


Release Notes:

This version of TTA Plan adds the following features:

Allows users to delete Patients, Plans and Audits from their database. This feature has been requested a couple of times and now it is here.

Permits the Planning report to be saved as a PDF file at the user's specified location.

Post Operative Images can be exchanged and edited in the same way as Pre Operative Images.

Other Tweaks:
The user interface has been updated with new controls.

Bugs Fixed:
Occasionally Post Operative films would fail to load in the planning window, this has been fixed.