TIFF Splitter 2

Developer: Winsome Technologies

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1.2 MB - Download


TIFF Splitter 2 is tool to split multi-page TIFF files in single page TIFF files. You can also split into other image formats like JPEG and PNG. TIFF splitter 2 support every version of TIFF files and also compressed TIFF files. We have design application with consideration of speed and error free splitting of image files. So TIFF Splitter 2 is best suited to offer you fastest and error free splitting of your multi-page TIFF files. You can choose page range and specific page number you want to split.

# A simple, flexible and powerful interface.
# Fast and Error Free Splitting of TIFF.
# Split specific page number or range of pages of PDF Document.


Release Notes:

## Performance Improvement with better Memory management
## New and better user interface
## Mountain lion compatibility
## Minor Bug Fixing


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0
Review by SoftwareManiac

Works as advertised - Just what I wanted to separate out a multi-page TIFF (I didn't even know TIFFs could be multiple pages!) into separate, numbered files. I liked this so much I hopped on over and purchased PDF Combiner from Winsome, too. Great deal and very fair price. Highly recommended.

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Version 2.0
Review by atlasmick

Good but slow - This program does the job but appears to have no multicore support, so even if you have a 6-core Mac Pro and a fast RAID array and work with thousands of images like I do, it will work at the pace of a consumer-level machine and only use a fraction of the processor.

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Version 2.0
Review by lkajspiqejrgneqgrqerfgliehrpqo

Should be called Tiff Exploder - I had one 60 page tiff that was 3.5 MB. Here are my test results: 1. export first 4 with g3 compression: 134.7MB 2. export first 4 with g4 compression: 134.7MB 3. export first 4 with no compression 134.7MB 4. export first 4 with packbit compression: 3.6MB 5. export first 4 with lzw compression: 1.6MB 6. export all 60 with packbit compression: 54MB 7. export all 60 with lzw compression: 24MB.

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Version 2.0
Review by boborama

Simple and Effective - I had great success. I had 22,000+ documents…. some of which had more than 700 pages. It took some time…but this little app pumped out single page documents. That was my “test”. Now… I need to figure out how I can run it against a million documents. I wish I could tell it to create subdirectories every 10000 documents or so. I can’t have a million documents all in the same folder.

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