Developer: Electronic Arts

Current Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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LIFE’S A PARTY ON YOUR MAC! Enjoy the all-time favorite board game in a whole new way with enhanced HD-quality graphics, plus new interactive and custom features. Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest!

Get up to 6 players around your Mac game board in Party Play mode. Play the game you know and love with friends and family in a cool new way!

Delightfully interactive details and amazing HD-quality graphics make LIFE more fun! Move the boat on the water. Chill out by making footprints in the snow. Or just ring the doorbell! Use enhanced visual controls to zoom out and see the whole board and get a different perspective of LIFE!

Make LIFE your own! Customize your character by entering a name of your choice. Win the game, and then check out THE GAME OF LIFE Journal to see the story of your amazing journey through LIFE!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by nealhilism

Delightful Surprise - I've been playing Game of Life, well, for longer than I care to admit. : ) This is such a delightful adaptation of the original board game. Playing it on my Mac Book Air 11 inch at the restaurant with my family had us all giggling silly. Several people peered over and asked about it. My son (who's 16 and a core gamer) was nothing but enthusiasm in his responses. LOL. My wife and I thought it amusing given his "gamer" persona. Looking forward to a full screen implementation, shouldn't be hard to do. Worth the $9.99? Oh gosh, totally especially gven the price of other games out there. Strong recommendation: Buy.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by Lady_BD

Fans of the original - avoid - I actually logged on last night looking specifically for the Game of Life. I was so delighted it had just been released! It was from the same team that made Monopoly, so I didn't have any hesitation about buying it. MISTAKE!! Aside from the colors and the shape of the pegs, this game has little resemblance to the game I remember so fondly. Instead of making good decisions and wise investments, the entire point of the game seems to be "how can I totally screw and exploit my fellow players". While that may be a sadly accurate statement on the modern world, what I wanted was to play the game I remembered. If you really enjoy taking advantage of others, this is certainly the game for you. However, if you've ever played the classic version of the Game of Life, I think you'll be disappointed with this modern idea of it. I'd get a refund if I could.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by Jade Cook

Same as everyone else - I first bought Monopoly and my girlfriend and I loved it! I mean we play it atleast once a day, definatly worth the money. I was looking for more games to play on the road, and just in general when I came across 'Life'. So I payed the $10 and downloaded it. I am extreamly disappointed. We did not even finish the complete game. After about half way through, we turned it off and I deleted it off my computer. I cannot believe I spent my money on this...

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Version 1.0.0
Review by Hoolyhooligan

pointoflife14 - I bought this game in a hurry, because the kids (being here over the holidays) wanted to play LIFE but did not want to go through the maddening hassel and excruciating work of setting up and playing the real board game. At first, we tried the PC version, purposing to put it up on the 42” plasma screen, but the PC-game formatting forbid that to happen. So, as I stated before, I went to the App store and bought for my macbook pro, endeavoring again to put it up on the TV via the mini dvi-hdmi. Every other game I have does this just fine. Not so with “The Game of Life” App. It locks up the mac every time to the point I have to reboot just to get out! What kills me is that all the other games work fine and format perfectly on the TV; even the “free” games. But the $10 Life failed. And yes, all the negative reviews about how this new computer version has completely derailed from the original and is all about just screwing over your opponent, not making wise and well-though-out investments…they are all true and accurate! It seems that the developers of this app have followed suit with the game's mentality, in that they are screwing us over when we buy this garbage!! Therefore, in mercy I am writing this review to minimize the numbers of other “Life-lovers” from lining the pockets of the “developers” that are prospering by selling such refuse.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by dkrice2

OK, but kind of lame. - It's OK but the animations of the cars moving gets to be tedious after a while. Not sure it was worth the $9.99.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by vjdjr

PC version was far better - I bought Life on PC awhile back, just before migrating to Mac. I figured the game would be the same. It's not. Both based on the original, but the PC version was a bit more interactive. When suing an opponent, you both had to rearrange picture tiles to recreate a scene from memory. (It was difficult, but not impossible, to beat a computer opponent.) When winning/losing money, you were presented a "scratch-off" card to see what prescise amount (within a range) you had won/lost. This made the game -much- less tedius. As a side note, the PC version also allowed you to choose the gender of your spouse, for those thus inclined. The Mac version assumes a hetero partner. Not a basis for rating the game, but some folks might want to know.

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Version 1.0.0
Review by cheypieee

Some improvements... - I love this game, and it keeps my family and I entertained for hours. But there are some issues that could be improved. The game seems to be glitchy a lot lately; skipping spaces, giving money to the wrong players, and messups with the words on the screen. I was also sad to find out that in party mode you couldnt play with the computer as well. Overall great game!

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