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◆Introduction: Escape game authentically shows the essence of the room. Through their efforts, logical thinking and observation, the players can constantly find clues and finally escape. The game is full of uncertainty. In the tense atmosphere

◆FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! ◆About deluxe edition: Unlock all levels of this game. ◆Introduction: Escape game authentically shows the essence of the room. Through their efforts, logical thinking and observation, the players ca

When a new romance blossoms, the door to mystery opens in Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter. Follow a young woman as she's caught in the tightening web of intrigue surrounding her charming but mysterious lover. To do so, you'll have to search for hidde

Let magic and illusion enchant you and immerse yourself in a fantastic world full of dangers. As a novice you have to use your skills to get accepted to the magic school. Your mission is to complete the "Tower of Eternity". The tower consists of vari

TouchArcade: 4,5/5 "Mimpi is adorable, the artwork is amazing, and the puzzles are both challenging and simply fun to play through ... I highly recommend folks check it out." Arcade Sushi: 9/10 "This first rate app is an absolutely gorgeous title,

TimeRift is a platform adventure through time. Save not just one, but all of the universes as you travel through time in order to save time itself. The professor thinks you are responsible for spilling his time potion and putting all of the universe

◆New version 4.0.0 released! It is made by game engine cocos2d-x. The game experience is better than before. ◆Introduction: In a journey, you run into a haunted inn and the innkeeper is about to sell it. You find some symbols of curse

While vacationing on the Emerald Star cruise liner, you awake to find the ship abandoned and in disarray. You’re alone and lost at sea. Can you find your way to shore? You’ll have to track down over 2,200 objects in 25 intriguing scenes.

Guide a woman who sets out rescue her fiancé from a supernatural force that feeds on human suffering! As she explores visually stunning mystical dimensions in a bid to reunite other lovers and weaken the grip of the entity, you'll find useful

Search around the world to reveal the secrets of the pirate's treasures in this intriguing Hidden Object game! Travel back to the 18th century and join Henry's gripping adventures whose granddad is accused of being a pirate and condemned to death. T

The world has gone to hell... Dead roam the land... Survivors flee for their lives... The zombie apocalypse has started - the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. Zombies have chased you across open farmland and you have taken she

Graphics? We don't need no stinking graphics! Welcome back to a more innocent time of gaming, one where players immersed themselves in exotic locations using their imagination. Travel through ghost towns, abandoned mansions, deserted ski lodges, m

DOG GONE! The wacky next-door neighbor, Professor Creeper, has invented a machine to automate all those pesky dog ownership responsibilities, like walking, bathing and poop-scooping. But the machine has become infected with fleas, and in a haywire fr

Search the hair-raising halls of an old mansion to discover the unknown in Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor, the first installment of the acclaimed seek-and-find mystery series. Mortimer receives a strange letter from his uncle Jero

Step aboard a fantastic adventure! Enjoy amazing match-3 gameplay and discover some of the most astonishing worlds ever imagined. No. 1 Match-3 game for OSX on! REVIEWS "Azkend 2 is a gorgeous tile-matching puzzle game ideal for

The next chapter in puzzle adventure awaits! After restoring the city of Atlantis, you discover a magical book that sends you on a journey through literature in World Mosaics 3 – Fairy Tales! Solve pictographic puzzles on your way through the s

You are looking at maze cube. While it’s pretty simple to choose a correct path in a two dimensional maze, you’ll need to watch carefully to find it in a three dimensional one. The mission is to get the ball out of a glass cube as fast as

Girl vs Zombies is another of the recent glut of zombie games available on Girl vs Zombies stars you as the titular girl, trying to escape from a city after the dead rise from their graves. Along the way you’ll encounter h

Set up the explosives in such a way that concrete structures will collapse like a house of cards! Should you even wiggle your finger – a spectacular rattle of explosions takes place, creating an opera of destruction! Implode 3D – filled

The polar bears have invaded the penguin kingdom and egg-napped your younglings! Use your wits and agility to become the legendary hero. Solve hundreds of quirky puzzles. Defeat the mighty bear army and its bosses! Sword & Penguin features a level e