TC Invoicing Optional

Developer: TowmsChang

Current Version: 2.5.5

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 10 MB - Download


- Suitable for shops, stores, the wholesalers, a street vendor and other goods into the shipping business.
- You can add and modify Product Image.
- Commodity can display by classification.
- Input over the type, specification , units, and businesses can quickly select.
- Master list items to display the stock quantity and selling price to help you quickly view.
- Master list can set the maximum number of display (Pageable switch display).
- Product Info - Can direct purchase, shipping, retirement or remove items.
- Product Info - Point picture to enlarge display.
- Product Info - You can modify the selling price and the memo field.
- Historical purchase, shipment, scrap list,It can choose to display a day or a month (More than 50,pageable display).
- Add List - For the same supplier to fast purchase method.
- Item statistics - Profit, purchase, shipping, scrapped the merchandise total statistics,Optional 7,15,30,90 day statistics and draw a graph,Left and right button can switch the previous or the next number days.
- Customer List - When purchasing or shipping and input the customer name, will be added to the Customer list.
- Customer Info - Editable customers the information.
- Master list can search by name or number.
- Can Export Auxiliary engine template.
- Can import Auxiliary engine purchase or shipment list.
- Daily inventory quantity reminder settings.
- Can immediately check the goods of inventory shortage.
- Item statistics can choose curve chart or bar chart.
- You can set the number of decimal places to be displayed.
- Can immediately check the goods of expired.
- You can import iPhone and iPad of the app Files.(Backup file,Auxiliary engine template,Auxiliary engine purchase or shipment list).
- You can customize the color of the product page.
- You can scan the barcode to build the new commodity or Find out the commodity that have been established.(for iPhone & iPad app version)

Print Invoice feature (VIP):
- Print function selection window
- You can extract from the delivery and purchase order lists for quick printing.
- Quick pick(Date , Customer , History list)
- You can add and remove lists in a single way (The amount is automatically summed).
- Optional text color.
- Customer Field (Read Customer List).
- In addition to the list and totals, other fields are editable.
- Pagination can be printed.


Release Notes:

- Fix the wrong date.
- When the purchase and shipping list is deleted, the empty month is automatically cleared.
- Added single inventory reminder settings and list display.