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* If you have any problem launching the latest version, please contact [email protected] and state your OSX version. Thank you very much* FreeSpace is the No.1 full-featured free space monitor and 1-click ejector! No other similar freeware can

◆◆◆ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME: 50% OFF◆◆◆ Network Speed Monitor is a simple and easy-to-use application to display your current network speed in menu bar, including the downloading and uploading data. When your

StorageStatus monitors attached storage devices and provides relevant power state information and notifications. Using this information, it is possible to watch for unusual activity (such as devices unnecessarily becoming active), which can hamper ba

+++ Time Limited Special Offer (reg. $9.99 USD) +++ Network LED is a very simple app with just green and red light indicator for internet status in the menu bar. Green light in menu bar- mac is connected to the internet. Red light in menu bar - ma

Disk LED Pro

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****** Time Limited Special Offer ****** Disk LED Pro, a simple icon, lives in status bar to display the current disk activity status in your Mac menu bar. It's a disk LED monitor to show the read and write status. Disk LED Pro watches internal and

Memory Defrag is the ultimate tools for your Mac. Either you have a huge amount of ram or the standard supplied, you will find a big help using Memory Defrag. Instantly check the available free memory, using the accessibility status bar icon. If y

Howler Timer is the #1 mac timer app with over 250,000 downloads! Timing has never been easier, quicker, or more fun. You'll use timers for everything once you use Howler Timer! -Unlimited timers -Fast input and start of timers, no mouse required -

• Limited time introductory price! • Echoes is a fun and fast way to send voice announcements! Like a fancy office PA system, Echoes lets you send voice messages to users on your local network with no complicated setup. Send a message by j

Disk Drill Media Recovery is the most user-friendly data recovery app for Mac. Disk Drill can recover your lost pictures and photos, music, documents, applications, videos and other data. "Quick Scan" and "Search for lost partitions" can recover fil

Ran out of space on your hard drive? Not sure which big files consume most of your valuable disc space? No problem: "Search Big Files" will help you to rid your hard drive of unnecessary data garbage. The usage is extremely simple: 1. Launch "Searc

Quickly eject disks with a beautiful status bar menu. Stay up to date with how much space you have available in your hard drive easily by tracking it as either a percentage or as a number of total space! Eject each drive or eject all of them in a s

A wonderful Menu Bar timekeeping app, displaying the time in the menu bar and optional in a HUD. The HUD can be scaled and moved around to the preferred position. Time can either count up, or count down from fixed times. Very useful for presentations

★★★★★ Connect your network drives only once! Set it and forget it ★★★★★ Drive Mounter connects all your network drives and folders: + automatically at start up + automatically when your c

Version 2.0 vomote is a TIVO Mac app for remote control for your networked TIVO Box. Navigation, DVR and numeric keypad functions in a convenient iphone like interface. There are TIVO remote for the iphone and the ipad. Why leave your desktop out!

iStatus lets you monitor the overall health of your Mac. iStatus is tucked away in your menu bar until you need it. With its beautiful and sleek user interface, iStatus gives you a quick overview of your CPU, memory, disk & network usage. Additiona

Do you accidentally press the Caps Lock key all the time? If so, the Capster is exactly what you need. This easy to use application will tell you when you pressed the Caps Lock, either on its own or through Growl. When you press the Caps Lock key, C

★★★★★ LAUNCH SALE: 33% OFF ★★★★★ Downloaded! - The EXCLUSIVE, UNIQUE and FIRST download manager for Safari! It is the original and ultimate tool developed just for Mac OS X. Are you missing

Adjust the brightness of your display easily and powerfully. 200% DARKER than the default is even possible -- great for working LATE. Features: • Screen brightness level adjustment right from the menu bar • Dimming control at low bright

Translucent provides detailed real-time information about what is going on inside your Mac. At any given time Translucent displays how much each one of your processors is being utilized, detailed information about how your memory is being used, how m

Monitor your RAM usage and clean it up automatically, when necessary Features: - Monitor your RAM usage directly in the menu bar - 3 cleanup modes to choose from: Autopilot mode, user mode and manual mode - Super lightweight App - Absolutely free D