Sync Folders Pro

Developer: VADIM ZYBIN

Current Version: 3.3.9

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Sync Folders Pro has been developed with a dual purpose in mind: To be easy to use FOR BEGINNERS, but also provide the ability to fine-tune synchronization settings FOR THE MOST EXACTING PROFESSIONALS.
The app can synchronize multiple pairs of folders at the same time “on the fly" using our REAL TIME SYNC technology, on a SCHEDULE, or MANUALLY. The app also provides ROBUST tools to filter your files and folder so that you sync EXACTLY what you want.

Do you have terabytes (TB) of data to sync? No problem!

Sync Folders Pro has been specifically optimized to work with EXTREMELY LARGE files and data sources, reliably and efficiently.
Sit back and relax, your data is being automatically synced!

Sync Folders Pro is perfect for backups to all media destinations including:
USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.)

Sync Folders Pro is the REAL and the ONLY bidirectional synchronization app that you will ever need!

Check out our amazing App Store reviews from 22 countries all over the World on our website!
Our customers are raving about our App and we pride ourselves on EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE.
We encourage our customers to contact us with any issues, and we are happy to provide prompt and quick answers to any and all of your questions.

Install the VPN Server Configurator app, and you can synchronize folders on a remote Mac from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Install the Compare & Sync Folders app, and you can view the changes before sync and change the file operations, if required, compare files "line by line" or by "QuickLook".
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Please watch our extremely helpful video tutorial for Sync Folders Pro on

- Choose 2 folders to synchronize.
- Set the sync mode, or use the default mode.
You do not need to worry about the other parameters, they are set to the recommended.
- Click the "Sync current task" and your folders will be synced!

Set up an instant synchronization of documents between your employees by using the "Real Time Sync" mode.
Your employees will always have the most current version of the documents for work.
This mode allows you to instantly sync documents in folders with a lot of files.
It works for 10.8 and later.

- 9 Sync Modes.
- 4 comparison modes allow to synchronize files on different file systems (OS X, FAT32, etc.)
- Powerful filters for files and/or folders on the entry and/or exclusion.
- Synchronization over the network. Automatically mount network folders before sync.
- Disconnect network folders after sync.
- Protection for unauthorized disconnect drives (folders) during sync.
- Saving the last/all versions of files to delete. Using this mode, you are insured against accidental deletion of files, and you can always get back deleted files, even if you re-sync several times.
- Quick view of latest changes in sync-folders and Finder integration.
- Sync subfolder attributes.
- Show in menu bar status of sync (Auto Sync mode is on, sync is performed, the number of pairs of synced folders, the sync ended with errors or synced folders were not available).
- Writing your own script of the copying files, for example:
- Copy all the unsynchronized files to the selected folder before copying.
- Verification of Checksum files before copying.
- Copy files using Unix commands: cp, rsync, etc.

The Main Difference from the similar apps on the App Store:
- You can TRY FREE version before buy. We don't hide from you the quality, speed and stability of the app.
- The real bidirectional synchronization. Tracking deletions, additions, changes in Sync-Folders.
- Faster sync for the number of not synchronized files more than 50 000.
- "Real Time Sync" mode.
- 4 status of sync in Menu Bar.

Many thanks to falconexe for his ongoing help with the English translation!


Release Notes:

- Improved compatibility with macOS 10.13 (User Settings).
- Fixed switch the "file structure reading" mode (v.3.3.8).

- Added "Start app at login" in the app settings.
- Added the ability to enable / disable to display the copying file progress.
- Shows the description when select the sync mode.
- Improved Log. Increased the writing speed in the log. Added grouping, sorting in the log view.
- Improved synchronization of the network and the NAS folders.
- Added "Exclude List". You can exclude the subfolders, files, aliases, hidden files and subfolders, files with specific extensions.
- Move the items within the task table. Arbitrary sorting of the items.
- Edit settings for multiple tasks simultaneously.
- Copy, remove selected tasks.
- Confirmation to remove the task.
- Improved mode "Last changes" (Optimized to work with a large number of items).
- Additional monitor of the synchronization process.
- Improved sync-engine with faster synchronization.

- Added "Resolving the file versions conflict".
- Limitation of file date, file size, copying speed and other solutions available on the website.
- Added "Prevents accidental deletion of all files" mode.
- Improved protection for unauthorized disconnect drives (folders) during sync.
- Added "Email Error Log".
Drive Type (for better compatibility with different drive type):
- Mac OS. Drive supports the saving original timestamp of Mac when copying.
- FAT32, ExFAT. Timestamp may differ from the original timestamp in some seconds after copying.
- Drive doesn’t support the saving original timestamp of Mac when copying. Some NAS types.

Comparison mode:
- Timestamp
- Timestamp+Size
- Timestamp+Size+Checksum
- Timestamp+Checksum

- The app prevents sleep mode during synchronization or using "Auto Sync" mode
- Enable/disable showing App icon in the Dock
- Grayscale/Color icon in Menu Bar
- Enable/disable character indication of Sync-Results in Menu Bar
- Optional enabling "Reset of Error-Indication E" Every New Sync"
- Sync locked files
- Added button "Reset Database"
- Improved protection for unauthorized disconnect drives (folders) during sync
- Improved work "Folder Filter". Possibility to make «Folder Filter» for sub-path as: =exact=subfolder1/subfolder2/subfolderN
- added "Error Log" (for logging error events only: "Was disabling folders during sync", "Directory not exist", etc.)
- the possibility to see the "Log All Events" and / or "Error Log"
- the possibility to choose the events for "Log All Events"
- the possibility to choose the events for "Error Log"
- enable / disable the creation of "Log All Events"
- enable / disable the creation of "Error Log"
- Added "Sync Subfolder Attributes"
- Added "Use shell command to copy". You can write your own script of the copying files, for example:
- Copy all the synchronized files to a selected folder (in addition)
- Copy files using Unix commands: cp, rsync, etc.
- Real Time Sync: It allows you to instantly synchronize changes in folders with any number of subfolders and files (including those with a lot of subfolders and files). It works for 10.8 and later. The Real Time Sync mode supports the main types of files as: .pages, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .dot, .ods, .jpg, .png, .avi, .mov, and etc. Low usage CPU and RAM in this mode
- Show the date of the "Next Sync"
- Auto Sync every __ seconds for each task
- Before sync check the changes in the folders after last start/finish sync
- Protection during copying
- Timer before Auto Sync
- Connect to network folders at launch
- Disconnect network folders after sync
- Show number of the files which has been read during reading file structure
- Improved filter. Filter by the beginning, ending, exact match, any match string. =begin=String, or =end=String, or =exact=String, or ==String. You can use complex filtering conditions as (=begin=2009, and =end=.jpg,) or (=begin=2010, and =end=.png,)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.9.16
Review by scanPPRCN

Must have for large file transfers and backup - I have two really great needs for this product, and it performs very well. First, I’m a semi pro photographer. I capture anywhere from 500 to 1000 photos and file per session. I need to immediately import these from the camera and then duplicate the files on other drives. Sometime after reviewing, I realize some photo need to be deleted or modified. Rather than now try to find the same files on each drive, sync folders pro does it for me. It saves hours of work. Second, I run a consulting business, where I take a data dump from the client, clean up the data and files and folders, introducing new engineerng on drawings. I copy this data structure across several drives for backup. I use sync folders pro to automate exactly which folders on each drive need to be compared and files replaced. The author is very quick to respond to questions and very helpful. Be sure to check the ? (help file) on the website so you understand what the different backup modes will do. The interface is very simple, but it doesn’t need to be anything else. It does exactly what you think it should do, plus, you can add a icon to the status bar (up top) and see the syncs that are automated, or in-process. My one bit of feedback would be to change the backup symbols to plain text or the option to change to symbols plus text so that I can be sure I selected the correct backup method.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.0
Review by TheHerdsman

Difficult to use, controls are NOT intuitive - Many of the controls are unclear or work the opposite of what's expected (for example, in the pull-down from the task bar "Auto Sync OFF" means "please turn this feature off" where most apps it would mean "this feature is currently off"). There are many more cryptic uses of terminology that makes this app not quite as useful as it should be. Some of the help screens are simply incorrect (look at A+>B and A<+B ... they say the same thing! which is it?) so you really have to guess at the developer's logic and NOT rely on Help screens. The amiguities and confusion almost led me to destroy my existing backup file-set! I realize that many of these are due to English not being the developer's native language, okay but then he/she should be a little more diligent in their Help pages! I'd rate it somewhere bertween "hate it" and "don't like it" (1.5 stars) ... I'd say "sorry I paid $8 for it".

Found helpful by 9 out of 15 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3.9
Review by :)_

This Software is Excellent. - I recently purchased this software for their highly reasonable price on a Mac/OS 10.13.1 system with a MacBook Pro laptop computer. I have three WD Elements portable 2TB external disk drives with 1 for external production, 1 for backup of external production, and 1 for backup of the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro backup is using Time Machine that is part of the Mac/OS system. I use this Sync Folders Pro software to sync my production photo library that is on the external Prod hard drive for Lightroom. I then sync the Prod external drive folders to the Prod-Backup folders and then I also sync my Prod external photo library to the Creative Cloud drive for cloud backup. This software works perfectly for that as I am using the mirroring mode A=>B (A to B) that replaces the exact files with perfection of either adding or replacing files according to the last modification time stamp so that B is an exact copy of A. When I replace files on the Creative Cloud Drive, I pause the syncing function on Creative Cloud and after the Sync Folders Pro function is complete, I resume syncing on Creative Cloud Drive. Works Great.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.9
Review by ArthurAJ

Great program - Great price! - I was searching for a program that would enable me to back up some important files, but which were not stored on my main hard drive, which uses Time Machine for backup. I kept those files on one external disk. And, like they say, “if you only have one copy …you don’t have a backup.” So, I wanted to make two external drives serve as backups to the original drive. But I didn’t want to have to manually go through all the files to be certain that I’d copied over ALL, and any NEW files I had added. It was then that I found "Sync Folders Pro,” (I opted for the paid version) which fit the bill perfectly. The instructions are a little confusing and require some time and effort to get the various concepts into your head. But I found that the Support for the program was excellent in that when I had some questions there were “almost immediate” answers sent to me. I was impressed! I recommend this program to anyone who wants to sync files over two or more devices. Every imaginable way to sync is covered and a user would be hard pressed not to have satisfaction in the results. The price is practically a “give-away.” It’s a great value for your money and it appears by the customer ratings that I’m not alone in my praise for a programming job well done. Sure! The interface could be improved, but the end result would still be the same!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.9
Review by nkean

Causes system to freeze - Software was great up till the last couple months. If you are planning on using it for syncing from your local drive to an SMB I’d stay away cause it’ll most likely keep freezing your system up.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.9
Review by

Adding missing functionality to Finder - I was looking for extended functionality to add to Finder to sync folders and update existing files within complex structure, the one which is missing. Sync Folders Pro does exactly that, it allows you to assess the files within folders/subfolders, find missing or changed and then provides you with option to copy them over. This is exactly what is missing in Finder. On top of that you get extra flexibility by filtering and setting the way you want to copy files, adds granular approach to compare files. Another dimention is the ability to setup complex backup/mirroring tasks by automating the whole process, to keep them in sync at all times. A bit complex from the first look of it but at the end covers all your needs in copy and syncing. Thanks doing this!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.9
Review by philrodo1

Good Synchronization app - I’ve been using the free Sync Folders app off and on for a while now. I recently needed to perform some extensive synch operations and decided to by the Pro version. It offers additional sync features that are not available in the free version. It also allows for synching folders across different volumes. If you’re looking for an app to keep your folders synchronized, this is it.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people