Synalyze It! Pro

Developer: Synalysis

Current Version: 1.18

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Are you serious about hex editing and binary file analysis?

Do you know how frustrating and annoying it can be to use a regular hex editor?
You have to keep in mind the meaning of all the bits and bytes while crawling through the file.
And every time you look at a file you start anew this tedious process.

Stop wasting your time and let your Mac do the work.

With Synalyze It! Pro you can
* define a "grammar" that contains all the knowledge about a file format
* decode files automatically using this grammar with the Universal Parsing Engine
* make assumptions in unknown file formats and record them in a grammar
* save tons of time by using free grammars for well-known file formats like ZIP, JPEG, PNG, ICC or OpenType
* reveal the secrets of proprietary formats
* learn reverse engineering of binary files
* process the parsed file contents with Python or Lua scripts
* analyze files with powerful features like histograms

Synalyze It! Pro is a real breakthrough in binary file analysis - a modeling tool for binary files.

And by the way: it's a great hex editor, too :-) The Hex Editor you'll love!

Here are some key features of Synalyze It! Pro:
* Hex Editor & Viewer (change, insert and delete quickly in files of unlimited size)
* Definition of a "grammar" for binary files with Scripting support - conserve your knowledge!
* Comparison of binary files (only in this Pro version)
* Automatic backup of edited files
* Offers dozens of text encodings including UTF-16, UTF-8 or EBCDIC code pages
* Scripting editor (only in this Pro version)
* Automatic installation of existing grammars
* Export of analysis to XML or text (only in this Pro version)
* Export grammars to GraphViz (only in this Pro version)
* Data view for common variable types (only in this Pro version)
* Multi selection of results (only in this Pro version)
* Go to position item in toolbar (only in this Pro version)
* Python and Lua scripting element (only in this Pro version)
* Edit description of structures and elements (only in this Pro version)
* Change Font in hex view (only in this Pro version)
* Customize all colors and other settings
* Printing with correct pagination
* Histogram view
* Checksum / hash value panel (only in this Pro version)
* Go to Position in file using expressions
* Save selected bytes
* Compare code pages
* Incremental text search with encoding selection
* Find text
* Find numbers
* Search for masks
* See all strings in a file

If you want to give feedback or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!
Simply write an email to [email protected]

Thank you!


Release Notes:

Change: script elements are called even if structure size is parsed fully
Fix: Recursive execution of Python scripts

These changes are required in order to make the new PE grammar work for .exe/.dll files


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7
Review by Rootentity

The best at hex - Described in one word, indispensable. Synalyze it is much more than a hex editor. It’s like a logic logic analyzer for binary files. I would like for it to be able to compare and difference two files similar to Kaleidoscope, but for binary files, to see changes between two saved files, but missing that feature isn’t worth taking a star away, because it does more than any other hex editor I’ve ever used, and it does it all very well. It’s worth the extra cost for the pro version, I found very quickly that the scripting support is very much necessary.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.18
Review by permanentfog

Excellent low-level developer’s tool - Many (too many) features to review point for point in this limited space, but in short: Does everything expected from a solid and full-featured binary viewer/editor. One notable, *huge* feature is the ability to apply a “grammar” to a file and have the structures of that file type be displayed. Basically, if you’re viewing a JPEG, for example, you would see the header fields (width, height, bits-per-pixel, etc) decoded, alongside the raw data, usually displayed as hex. Those familiar with Ethereal/Wireshark , Hex Editor Neo (on Windows)… will be instantly familiar with this feature. It works really well - even with huge, multi-megabyte files - and the number of grammars is impressive, at least from my albeit limited use so far; it’s offered to download a grammar for nearly every common binary file format I’ve tried (most recently, MP3, which was a welcome surprise). The importance of this feature cannot be overstated! If you work as a developer in low-level protocols or codecs, this saves not just hours, but DAYS of time! I am subtracting 1-Star for a seemingly-small but very annoying and time-wasting bug (*I realize this may be something that only happens on my/some systems. However I think it’s impacting enough to retract a rating point): When I have a file open from a removable drive (e.g. a USB flash drive), and then I finish with it and fully close it in the app, the app still seems to hold on to the file, such that the OS won’t let me eject the drive. I must close the entire app to eject. This is very annoying if I am working with multiple files which I want to continue with, but must replace the USB drive back into the embedded board which I am debugging. (I am running OS X 10.11.6)

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people