Developer: Ihor Shcherbyna

Current Version: 2.1

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Are your files scattered across a terrain of computers?
Are you tired of figuring out what is where?

Keep your folders and files in sync.
Easy, flexible and takes almost no time at all!
Sync your files on same computer, between different computers on the network or between computer and external storages.
You click it, We SynKit!


- Flexible. Easy configuration. User Friendly interface.
- Lots of features allow you to choose correct synchronization method: by file name or by file size or by file date or in any combination.
- Support one way or two-way (bidirectional) synchronization.
- Filter options allow you to include or exclude the specific files: by name, by date, by size or by file's extension.
- Schedule your synchronization for any time. Every day, once in week, once in month…
- Multithreaded application. Can do all synchronization in the same time.
- Fast and efficient. Synchronize only new or changed files.
- Each sync task has the status showing when it was done last time.
- Detect conflicts.
- Logs is created for each run.
- If you need you can save the different (synced) files to the specific location.
- You don't want to overwrite files? Choose the option and old files will be saved with timed postfix.
- Prevents the damaging of files. You can terminate your process and the file that is currently syncing will be synced and not damaged.

Remark: To sync files between different computers you need to turn on File Sharing, which requires admin access, on the computer where you to want to sync to.


Release Notes:

Our best version of SynKitPro ever!
Here are some new features, updates and fixes we've added:
- new application icon
- user interface updates
- ability to run task analysis without running the synchronization
- ability to schedule task analysis
- preview window updates
- improved performance
- new status bar, optimized to quickly check the tasks updates
- bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by Weather geek2

Nice syncing application - I am using SynKit to sync a large folder containing my work files between my two iMacs at the office and at home via a portable hard drive. This application is fast, and the bidirectional sync works well. It is easy to view what changes will be made each time a manual sync is performed. The program has been 100% accurate in keeping the most current version. I E-mailed the developer a question and received a prompt return answer. This is a solid application that performs as advertised.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.5.2
Review by meanlin

Useless… - 1) Kept crashing after syncing a whopping 10-20 files. THEN… 2) Doesn't remember the preferences I inputted for the various files. For example, there were specific files I wanted excluded or deleted from the source I would have to pick through all my files again (a lengthy process) to set them the way I wanted. 3) Cannot select multiple files. So if you have a folder with 100 files and would like to ignore 30 of them, you will have to click 30 check boxes. 4) Must use a drop down menu located on the toolbar if you want to change the setting for an individual file. So if you want a file to be deleted instead of synced you have to use the drop down. Other programs I've used this allowed you to change this setting with just a double click. What a pain. I used to use Allway Sync when I was a PC user. THAT was a useful program. Once you set it up it was stress free. I will be seeking a refund.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people