Syder Arcade

Developer: Studio Evil

Current Version: 1.3.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Game Description

Syder Arcade is a multi directional side scrolling shoot’em up that nods to old-school games. Join the space army and move through asteroids, nebulas and enemies in order to defeat the alien menace.
Born from Studio Evil's love for classics, Syder Arcade is a perfect fusion between arcade dynamics and a more modern gameplay, together with an amazing 3D graphics.

The gamer will play the part of one of the humans from the space colony of Miza, attacked by a mysterious alien force. Choose your spaceship and get ready to use all the different weapons to defend your planet.

Game Features

- 6 beautifully rendered 3D realtime space arenas, plus a bonus survival mode! All the backgrounds are fully detailed and the various spacescapes project you inside Miza's stellar system;
- 3 different ships! Make your choice and discover all the different weapons, including a special weapon for every starship:
Alisade S-185 Mule, with its dense armor, praises a superior damage resistance. Its ability to manipulate mass and its Arc Plasma Cannon make the Mule a perfect battleship in both attack and defense;
MSec-Alisade S-104 Dart features a good armor and a Pulse Laser able to pierce trough several targets. A fully miniaturized warp device turns the Dart in one of the fastest spaceships;
Despite its low damage resistance, MSec S-116 Wasp is the perfect spaceship against small, swarming targets. Its strength is in the firepower, improved by Friend/Foe Mini Missiles and Twin Machinegun.
-Face huge capital ships! Protect Green Ray support ship and support Orinoco cruiser and fight against giant enemies;

Online High Scores board will allow you to match against players from all over the world!

20 different optional retro graphic flavours

4 difficulty levels, from normal to super hard


Release Notes:

- You can now completely customize your keyboard controls and joypad input
- This fix should solve keyboard issues, and configuration issues on few non-english MACs
- You can use your mouse to navigate menus
- New high score leaderboards. As you may have noticed, the old one suddently died a few weeks ago
- Improved game's soundtrack and added a new great track for credits
- Powerup pickups and all the "robot voice" sound effects should now be more informative, and slightly more ridiculous.
- A small news ticker is now displayed on the main menu. We are going to use it to provide you useful informations, like new releases and other Studio Evil related news.
- New graphic for rear/side/spread bullets, powerup pick-up and score text
- You can now skip dialogues much faster
- Improved "mission briefing" screen with better graphics to explain the game backstory
- We completely redesigned our difficulty settings to have a much smoother esperience
- When you die, you respawn istantly a few meters nearby without restarting the level
- Few bug Fixes

Balance Tweaks:

- Powerup drops have been increased over the entire campaign.
- All bosses have been improved with a more interesting fighting logic, different weapons, and more modules to destroy.
- To compenaste the increased firepower at your disposal, Enemy bosses are now much tougher.
- Beam weapons have now a much longer non damaging activation time (almost 2 seconds).
- You can now encounter enemies with a more interesting weapons, like accelerating bullets, lazy seekers and deadly directional beams.
- If you run into a boss command bridge or energy core, you now take damage (a lot) even with shield on. No more easy kamikaze kills :P
- On "the storm" level, it's no longer possibile to pass trough the storm with shields on. The storm now deals damage even to shielded players.
- Survival mode is now more difficult. You can use it as some sort of training mode or endgame.
- The game will now istantly display a small panel when you earn a badge.

Weapon powerups:

- All secondary weapon powerups, side shot and rear shot have now 3 upgrade levels instead of one
- All secondary weapon powerups have now a reddish hue, to differentiate them from primary weapons
- Secondary Weapon "Spread" now shoots in a precise arc instead of a random volley of bullets.
- New Secondary weapon powerup: "plasma"

Starships balance:

- Base speed increased by 2
- Base weapon: damage consistently reduced for external bullets of firing arc, almost doubled on the middle bullet.
- Power required to charge the Special Weapon slightly reduced

- Max speed increased by 2
- Base weapon: damage increased by roughly 15% at all powerup levels
- Health increased from 20 to 25

- Special Weapon: HyperBeam is now working more consistently, it is now more difficoult to use at it's best, but also easier to charge up.

- New Enemy: "Stinger Ace" and "Crossbow"
- Enemy Redesign: Grinder - Spike spore - Sphere drone - Bio Warhead


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.25
Review by

To Hard to Play :( - Please please make it so that I can move the ship around with one finger on the trackpad

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Version 1.3.0
Review by R1v3rrat

FINALLY - I normally dont even take time to make reviews. So I must be truly impressed to take the time to make one. I have been looking for a game that works “ OUT OF THE BOX “ with the PS3 controller. This game was built with it in mind. Smooth controls. Customizing buttons is easy. The nice back and forth game play, adds something extra to the game. Not only is it a modern take on the old side scrolling games of the past. The flipping is a nice addition. So for all you game developers out there. If you want more sales. Make sure your games come “out of the box” ready to work with console controllers. Needing 3rd party software to map a controller is soooooooo not gonna make you money.

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Version 1.3.0
Review by robscpc

Classic play, modern look and feel - Great scrolling style arcade game. The graphics are excellent with great detail and very smooth playback. Want to remember what it would look like in CGA, VGA or Amiga HAM - there is a setting for that :) The game plays well on Yosemite. If your looking to find some of the classic side-scrolling arcade nostalgia then look no further, plunk down your money and enjoy.

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