Sweet Home 3D

Developer: Emmanuel Puybaret

Current Version: 5.4.1

Last Updated: 7 days ago

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Sweet Home 3D is an easy to learn interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house in 2D, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.

Sweet Home 3D is aimed at people who wants to design their interior quickly, whether they are moving or they just want to redesign their existing home or office. You may:
• Draw walls and rooms of your home from scratch or upon the image of an existing plan, on one or more levels.
• Change the color or the texture of the walls, the floors and the ceilings, importing images of your own patterns if needed.
• Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture onto the plan from a catalog of 1205 objects organized by categories, in which you can import 3D models created by yourself or downloaded from the web.
• Customize the size, the orientation, the elevation, the colors and the textures of each piece of furniture.
• View the changes in the plan simultaneously in a 3D view, in which you can navigate either from an aerial view point, or from a virtual visitor view point.
• Create a photorealistic image of your arrangement depending on the time of the day and the light sources placed in the plan.
• Create a video from a virtual path in the 3D view.
• Annotate the plan with room areas, dimension lines, texts, arrows and a compass rose.
• Print the home plan and the 3D view or export them in files at PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, OBJ standard formats, to reuse designed homes in other software.


Release Notes:

• 182 new textures of various styles
• Fixed wrongly displayed rectangular textures when rotated
• Other bug fixes and enhancements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.2.1
Review by Vintagenarian

Way better than expected - As I often find when evaluating apps, there are typically a number of 1- or 2-star reviews blaming the app itself for some problem which can usually be attributed to the user’s Mac. In this case, as a technologist myself, I spare no blame or praise if something doesn’t live up to expectations, reviews, or, worse, an app’s advertised performance. In the case of Sweet Home 3D, I’ve discovered an astonishingly strong piece of software that does everything I want it to, and for an amazing price. This is as close to Microsoft’s Visio as anyone could hope for, which sadly was sunsetted years ago. I really appreciate SH3D’s finite dimensional controls, which are somewhat challenging to implement, since they help “immeasurably” in allowing me to determine if my own household furniture will fit in any particular room of the home I’m in the process of buying. I don’t have much use for all the furniture objects (though I do confess to using a few of them to enhance the imagination…), but expect many users will find them really helpful. Overall this is a marvelously designed app, and I would not hesitate recommending it to anyone.

Found helpful by 30 out of 31 people
Version 4.1.1
Review by KyloBrady12

Nothing I expected - Overall, this app is pretty bad. I have struggled to look for a well priced, easy to use design app and this is curtenly not it! The first thing I noticed once it was downloaded was that the app icon was blurry, thus noticing the retna despay hasn't been accomidated for. This app is extraordinarily confusing to use for what looks like a "simple" user interface. Many of the items you can put into a room dont even exist anymore. I will absolutely be contacting apple for a refund. Pretty bad and not at all what even the preview photos show.

Found helpful by 89 out of 105 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.4.1
Review by Pilgrimhere

Easy and Fun for All! - This app was easy to use and the features continually surprise us. Not only can you build out rooms and flooring, you can paint the sky, customize furniture (even down to the color of the water in the bathtub), put in grass and landscaping, etc. You have a 2d and 3d view on screen simultaneously so it makes placing cabinetry easy. Walls and be sloped and almost everything can be resized and edited precisely. We really like the click and drop ease. Our littles are already designing their own small homes complete with customized people and animals. They think of it as a virtual dollhouse, but we use it more seriously for remodeling, etc. Excellent tool, professional and fun.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 5.4.1
Review by Bernardsa1

Not user friendly - if you’re not a architect for a draft person using drawing programs you will have a hard time using this program. For support they refer you to go to the forum, good luck finding your answer. For the price it’s too expensive for what you get. Do yourself a favor and find something else.

Found helpful by 5 out of 9 people
Version 5.4.1
Review by Gfargo1

Great app for the price! - This is a great app for the price. Yes its not as full featured as some programs costing 10 times the price. But, for coming up with some basic designs and getting a good idea how the space is going to look this definately does the job.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 5.4.1
Review by mikeshafer

It’s good! - A friend recommended this, which is free if you download it from the web, but I couldn’t get it working (kept crashing) so I bought this version. I think this is a good general app for your home 3d modeling. I’m not trying to make specific furniture decisions but just generally playing with my ideas. I think for the price you get a pretty solid amount of tooling here. I would recommend adding iCloud support for us Mac users as an added backup feature. Also, please add a chimney fixture (not fireplace — I have a chimney in my upstairs running from the fireplace downstairs).

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people